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Kingdom of the West Web Minister

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The Web Minister for the Kingdom of the West leads the Web Team and is responsible for the Strategy, content management and maintenance of the Kingdom website,, and also coordinates all activities with the various Web Ministers of all of the branch groups of the Kingdom. The position also oversees the Social Media Deputy. 

Download and complete the: Photo Release Form

An overview and guidelines to the office of Web Minister can be found in the Web Minister Reporting GuidelinesInternet Copyright Policy, and the Web Ministers' Handbook (from the SCA Corpora website).

The West Kingdom Web Minister and the Web Team oversee all electronic publishing and are also responsible for the content maintenance and continued support of the Kingdom of the West website. Principality, Baronial and local Web Ministers can look to this office for assistance when needed.

All comments, questions, suggestions or updates regarding this site should be sent to the Web Minister.


Call for Resumes

My time as your webminister, expires on June Crown. I have had an interesting and challenging tenure.
This is the official call for resume submission for the office of Webminister at Kingdom level.

- Technical Skills:
   * Requirements *

  •   - Must be proficient in PHP, HTML, Javascript
  •   - Must be proficient in system administration of Linux servers: Start/Stop/Restart services, bash script editing, Python editing
  •   - Must understand Domain Name Services
  •   - A familiarity with Drupal and Wordpress
  •   - Experience and proficientcy with Code Versioning, particularly Git.

   * Nice to Have *
  - Experience with Docker
  - Experience with Ansible or Chef
  - Experience with Google Suites Administration(Business level)

- Soft-Skills
   * Requirements *

  •   - Communication; 85% of the job is communicating with other officers and Society members. You must be able to write clearly, concicely, and code-switch depending on whom you're talking too. 20 - 30 emails come in throughout the day. Not all are urgent or require your attention, but several do.
  •   - Organization; The Kingdom Webminister is a central cog in a fairly vast machine. While you don't make all of the decisions in the Kingdom, you most likely publish them. 
  •   - Patience; Like any support role, users are often confused before they contact you.  A thick skin and patience will see you through.
  •   - Able to Prioritize Projects. This suggests the ability to recognize what is urgent and what isn't.
  •   - able to make lists like you see here!

   * Nice to Have *

  •   - Experience in technical writing; Documentation is an ever evolving critter - you will have to explain steps, justify design decisions and be able to break-down complicated concepts for non-technical Regents and Officials.
  •   - The ability to not take yourself too seriously.

- Tooling:
   * Requirements *

  •    A computer, capable of using an IDE or Text Editor, and remote shell client. Chromebooks and Cellphones are out, as you can't clone a repository
  •    Internet Access - preferably broadband.

   * Nice to have *

  •    Adobe CC or Inkscape and Gimp and the ability to edit images for web format and compression

Resume Details:

* Requirements *

  • - Legal Name
  • - Email address
  • - Phone number
  • - Society Name
  • - List of previous offices held, with the name of your Senior officer.
  • - A portrayal of your previous experience in system-administration, web-development, design, management.

* Nice to Have *

  • - Links or examples of previous code
  • - References
  • - A listing of previous projects you have worked on. Preferably accompanied by links or screen shots.  What you found interesting about the project and what you found challenging. What would you do-over - given the chance?

Please send an email with your resume to

In Service,

Karius Hutzelmann