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West Kingdom College of Scribes

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Message from the Chancellor:

The College of Scribes of the Kingdom of the West exists to create scrolls for the Crown and Coronet to present to recipients of certain awards, as well as charters, formal declarations, and credentials for formal representatives to foreign Courts. 

We recruit and train new scribes, encourage research into period illumination and calligraphy, and produce other calligraphed and/or ornamented items such as scrolls for winners of tournaments, bookmarks for a Princess to give as tokens, invitations to a vigil, warrants for office, and so on.

To request a scroll for an award, please visit the Scroll Center.

For more information, please visit the College of Scribes website.

Hello West Kingdom! I am looking for a successor for the Kingdom Scribal
Chancellor position. This is an incredibly rewarding job, as you get a
firsthand look at all of the beautiful art that comes through for our
populace. This job requires organization and good communication skills, as
you work closely with the Heralds and the Crown. We work industriously to
obtain Royal signatures, obtain seals and then show off all of the splendid
artwork at the Crown's pleasure.

I would like to spend time training the right person in using the scribal
database and get them familiar with the various policies. I would be more
than happy to mentor you after you take over the job as well. If you have any
questions or are interested in becoming a deputy (or any other scribal
activities!) please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Haley an eich Gil (209-614-7759)