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West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister

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As Arts & Sciences Minister, I encourage and support all activities in pursuit of Medieval and Renaissance Arts & Sciences. Everyone is welcome to enjoy all aspects of these endeavors and is highly encouraged to become involved ~ learn something new, teach something you love, hone your skills. SCA Arts & Sciences are all the crafts, skills, and technologies practiced in the time period and cultures that the SCA covers.

Official duties include coordinating the efforts of Principality, Baronial and Shire Arts & Sciences officers, and promoting the dissemination of accurate information about the fields under study. The A&S Minister also assists the Chronicler in confirming the validity of research presented to the membership in publication form.  The Arts & Sciences Minister will hold competitions, host classes, and reach out to local groups & guilds to encourage all skills. Please share your stories, ideas, methods and we will post them as inspiration.

NOTE On West Kingdom Competitions: In order to promote as many entries as possible the West Kingdom A&S Competition set has 16 categories that are completely open and 4 categories that are more defined (marked with an asterisk*).  For the 16 open categories a qualifying entry will be anything that could reasonably fall within that category. A direction in each category has been suggested for these categories but it is only a suggestion. Please feel free to enter anything that would fit within that category.  Each entry will be judged on its own merit and will not be compared to other entries.  If you have questions please feel free to contact the A&S Minister.  Attached to this page is the judging sheets for objects and performances.  You will need 3 judging sheets per entry.  Please feel free to print and fill these out to submit with your entry.  Additional forms will be available during all West Kingdom A&S Compeitions.  

2014 Competition Schedule:

Mists Fall Investiture- November 2014

Performing Arts:  Humorous Song, 3-minute maximum
Practical Science:  Cosmetics (concoction used as makeup or beauty product in period or detailed research paper if authentic ingredients are unsafe)

2015 West Kingdom Competition Schedule (as of 10/18/2014):

Twelfth Night - January 2015

12th Night Practical Science Textiles Textiles made of Wool
12th Night Technical Science Woodwork Wood made to Hold Something
12th Night Fine Arts Illumination Pictures of Mythical Creatures
12th Night Performing Arts Period Instrumental/Vocal Performance Spiritual performances in period

Beltane Coronation - May 2015

Beltane Practical Science Household Goods Goods used during a party
Beltane Technical Science Metalwork Metal built to hold a flame
Beltane Fine Arts Clothing Cloths for springtime festivals
Beltane Performing Arts Orig. Instrumental/Vocal Performance Performances based on Spring Rites

Arts & Sciences Tourney - June 2015

A&S Tourney Practical Science Cooking Finger Foods
A&S Tourney Technical Science Leatherwork Leather things made to be worn
A&S Tourney Fine Arts Needlework Figures in battle done in embroidery
A&S Tourney Performing Arts Original Recitation Songs and tales about war
A&S Tourney Practical Science Spring Cleaning** Things used in period for Spring cleaning
A&S Tourney Technical Science The Harvest** Things used in period at Harvest Time
A&S Tourney Fine Arts Summer Accessories** Accessories for hot days in the Summer
A&S Tourney Performing Arts Winter Tales** Performances done during Winter months

Purgatorio - August 2015

Purgatorio Practical Science Brewing Brews made with spice
Purgatorio Technical Science Glassworks Stained Glass
Purgatorio Fine Arts Calligraphy Proclamations
Purgatorio Performing Arts Physical Performance Acts found at a Carnival


2015 Competition Schedule (Principality of Cynagua):

Cynagua Spring Coronet- May 2015

Fine Arts: Underpinnings– 16th century Western European –  Documentation Required
Technical Sciences: Tack and kennel – horse and/or hound equipment / kennels  No Documentation Required
Research Paper: Horse “power” during the Middle Ages

Cynagua Fall Coronet- October 2015

Fine Arts:  Coats – any country - pre-1600 – No Documentation Required
Technical Sciences: Wood working – benches - Documentation Required
Research Paper: Gothic Architecture, how were they able to build those cathedrals with high ceilings.

2015 Competition Schedule (Principality of the Mists):

Coming Soon!

2015 Pied d'Argent Competitions:

March Crown - Francois Nouvelle
Beltane - Maiden Lane
Arts & Sciences - Beaulte de Castille
June Crown - Jenny Pluck Pears
Purgatorio - Petite Rhiens
October Crown - Gelosia


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