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Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker will be none other than the esteemed Professor Ken Albala, Food Historian.

By Pam Bauserman
Ken Albala is Program Director for the Master of Arts in Food Studies at University of the Pacific, San Francisco
He has written or edited 22 books on food and food history including:
Food in Early Modern Europe
Cooking in Europe 1250-1650
Three World Cuisine, his course textbook
Beans: A History 
Pancake: A Global History
Nuts: A Global History
Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia (4 volumes)
Food and Faith (Columbia University Press)
A Cultural History of Food: The Renaissance 
"The Ideology of Fasting in the Reformation Era" in The Lord's Supper, ed. Ken Albala and Trudy Eden; 
"Food for Healing: Convalescent Cookery in the Early Modern Era" in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 
Special Issue; "Religious Customs, Influence on Diet" in the Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, 3rd edition; 
"Perceptions of Changing Global Meal Patterns Among Food Scholars" in the conference proceedings of the 18th Annual Ethnological Food Research Conference in Turku, Finland; 
"Cookbooks as Sources for Food History" in Handbook of Food History, ed. Jeffrey Pilcher;
"Historical Models" in Royal Taste, ed. De Vooght