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Frequently Asked Questions

What's being served in the Meal Plan?
Saturday Breakfast will be prepared by the Company of St. Teresa
Lunch is being done by ap Daffyds
Dinner from Rose de la Mans
Sunday Breakfast will be courtesy of Gianetta del Bene
Is this a garbed event?
Yes, this is a garbed event. Please be dressed in pre-1600 clothing throughout the event. Remember your apron and 
head-covering if you are planning to work with food.
Can I bring my dog/cat/gerbil?
Certified service animals are the only live animals we may bring on site. Please leave your 
pets at home. There is wildlife in the area including lizards, snakes, coyotes, deer and raccoon. Avoid them when possible,
What if I need to cancel my registration?
We sincerely hope you won't have to cancel your reservation, but we understand that life happens. If you need to 
cancel please contact the Registrar, Mistress Aldith and she will respond as soon as possible. 
NOTE: There will be a $5 processing fee for cancellations and refunds will not be sent until after the event. 
Cancellations will not be accepted after January 30, 2015.
What are the smoking rules? 
Smoking is not allowed except for the paved area near the Multi-purpose Room. 
What will the weather be like? 
The weather is often rainy in Marin County in February. Average temperatures range from 40 to 60 this time of year. We can also get a brief taste of Spring,
so dressing in layers is a good idea. 
Will my cell phone work in camp? 
Some service providers reach the area, but may be weak due to the steep terrain.
What are the rules on alcohol? 
This is a dry site per the Girl Scouts. Hard beverages are allowed only for class use and in the Multi-purpose Room. 
Please put your empties in the receptacles provided.
Will there be merchants? 
Yes, there will be a few cooking related merchants set up in the Multi-purpose Room. Contact the Autocrat for Merchant Information.
Camp Facilities:
Please bring your feast gear. As a minimum: a cloth, plate, bowl, drinking vessel, knife and spoon. Bringing your own knives, 
a cutting board, measuring spoons, mixing bowl and whisk, along with other favorite tools may be useful for some of the hands on classes.   
All rooms are dormitories with bunk beds.  Please bring your own bedding or sleeping bag, pillows, and toiletries.
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