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Greetings to all Arts & Sciences Ministers

Greetings to all Arts & Sciences Ministers

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The following is a short version of the important information A&S ministers need to know.
Please join our Yahoo Group! This is the easiest, fastest way for all of us to communicate AND the easiest way to handle reporting. If you turn in your reports via the Yahoo group, EVERYONE who needs to see it gets it at the same time, and you don't have to wonder if the appropriate officer has seen it. ALL the officers will be able to read your report as soon as you send it in, and it doesn't cost money for postage. If you do not have a Yahoo ID, and don't want one, please note that there is an option at the bottom of the sign up page that allows you to join the mailing list without it. We ask that everyone please keep their account set to either accept mail (individual messages or daily digest), or accept special notices. We will periodically check this, to be sure you can get important email when you need it. Setting your account to no mail means that you may miss important information. We realize your time is valuable, and you may not have time for every message, so the special notice option will only be used when it is REALLY important that you get the message. We strongly encourage you to have a Yahoo ID, as it makes it easier to maintain your information in the roster, etc., but we understand that sometimes you just don't want or don't need another thing to keep track of. If you opt to not have an ID, please let us know so we can handle some of the group functions for you. Regardless of how you join, you will receive a welcome email with information on reporting and how to fill out the roster database on the group. Please Note: when the time comes to pass your office to your successor, you send them to see this page on the kingdom website for the latest information pertaining to the office and reporting.

Reporting Schedule:
A&S Minister reports are due quarterly, according to the following schedule. Please be aware that these dates may be subject to change due to special circumstances, but the Kingdom and Principality officers will do their utmost to keep everyone informed if such a change is to occur.
Principality Branches to Principality MOAS: due no later than the 15th of the following months: February, May, August, November.
Marches Branches & Principality MOAS to Kingdom MOAS: due not later than the 1st of the following months: March, June, September, December.
Kingdom MOAS to Society MOAS: due no later than the 15th of the following months: March, June, September, December.
The last report in each calendar year is a summary report for the entire year. Please be sure to include the info from the first three reports (a brief review is fine!) in the year end report. Reminders will be sent out via the Yahoo group prior to reports being due, with a form that may make the process easier.

Please remember to recognize people whom you think are doing an outstanding job, either as a volunteer or as an artist or scientist. Contact your Principality or Kingdom MOAS, or use the award recommendation form if you would like to suggest someone be recognized by the Royalty for their work.