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Kingdom of the West

Northern and Central California, Northern Nevada, Alaska, Japan, South Korea, Guam and Thailand

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West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister


The West Kingdom has a vibrant Arts & Sciences community that creates artifacts and performances that enhance our re-creation of our Current Middle Ages. These arts and sciences are founded on research that informs these creations ranging in historical accuracy from museum quality replicas to objects or performances that creatively reference those that could have been. The fun and learning is in the doing!

West Kingdom Chatelaine


The Chatelaine's office is in charge of Newcomers' Relations. If it is your first event, look to the Chatelaine to welcome you. If you need help finding your local branch, event information, or any SCA information, the Chatelaine is here to help you. See the Chatelaine Contacts page to find the chatelaine or contact person for a group near you.


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