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Bid Proposal for New Crowns #1

Proposal​ ​for​ ​Crowns​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Kings​ ​and​ ​Queens​ ​of​ ​the​ ​West: Ugo De Mori O.L. (Ugo Serrano), Styrkarr Jarlsskald O.L. K.S.C.A (Kevin Hodges), Sigismund Helmschmied O.L. (Vrin Thomas)

To their Majesties, Kingdom of the West and their esteemed councilors

Proposal for Crowns for the Kings and Queens of the West MK2.0

Ugo De Mori O.L. mka Ugo Serrano Sigismund Helmschmied O.L. mka Vrin Thomas

This proposal is a lasting tribute from the known world to the great and noble Kingdom of the West. In this piece we celebrate the historic significance of the West as the founding Kingdom in Society for Creative Anachronism and seek to increase the drama and courtly presence of the West’s King and Queen respective to this great legacy. We reuse and revisit the imagery of West’s oak leaves, acorns, and roses from the existing crowns and add to it functionality, transportability, and ornament. We have heard and incorporated the populace’s input on the design and we are now proud to present our new idea on the Kingdom of the West’s crowns.

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Designs and Forms

Each crown is composed of 16 hinged open piercework plaques. There will be (4 ea) greater plaques on each crown, each will have a two tone silver and bronze elements (4 ea) smaller plaques with smaller and different two tone silver and bronze rose or oak leaf theme. And lastly (8 ea ) smaller decorative hinge panels. The function of these is to allow the crown to fold down to its smallest width. On the interior there will be a sewn in place fabric liner that will act as cushion and fitting band for the crowns, and which can be replaced as needed or to coordinate with the royal garb. This lining is not a complex piece but will allow the greatest variability in sizing.

Description and scope of work

On the Kings crown each of the greater plaques will be three mighty oak leaves, and an acorn, icons of the Kingdom of the West, all are enshrined beneath a great bronze arch This arch is a theme throughout both crowns it is a protective frame and mounting structure for the sterling silver leaves and acorns. On the Queens crown each of the greater plaques will be a great silver rose in the style of Tudor roses and silver leaves protected beneath the somewhat smaller bronze frame and arch. This arch form and frame used in both crowns will be similar in look to an architectural moulding detail and will be a beautiful and sturdy protection for the foliage details of both crowns, preserving their detail for decades with a minimum of maintenance.

The dimensions of the Kings Crown will be 25” in overall circumference, and the Queens crown will be 24” in overall circumference. The crowns will include a sewn in place fabric lining this will allow for a customized fit for any wearer inside the set circumference down to 22 1/2” for the King, and down to 21” for the Queen. This liner is intended to be removed and replaced periodically or as color choices and wardrobes require.

Two hinged and clasped wooden storage boxes will be provided that will fit the crowns in their folded down form. These will be padded and lined to protect the crowns during travel and will be of a size to fit inside mundane carry-on luggage.

Payment, construction, and process

We are offering the crowns in a “two tone” version where the structural frames will be bronze and decorative elements (leaves, flowers and acorns) will be in sterling silver. This maximizes durability of the hinged structure and uses lustrous antiqued golden bronze. Its cleaning would be quick and simple, we will provide 2 cleaning cloths 1 per crown, the crowns would not need much more than an occasional wipe down to prevent any oxidation from normal outdoor moisture and humidity.

If chosen to commence work we will need to receive the whole cost for the materials, and half of the design and construction costs. The balance will be due on completion. Schedule will be contingent on when the bid is approved and will be set after the first installment.

King and Queens crowns, boxes and cleaning materials : total $11800

  • Amount to commence work: $7300 (this is half of total + materials)
  • Amount due on completion of work: $4500