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March Crown Tournament

Friday March 23rd, 2018 to Sunday March 25th, 2018
Turlock, California

Unto the populace of the West,

Come and join Their Majesties, Hans and Helga, in the selection of Their Heirs! The day will be full of fighting, arts and sciences, and good laughs with the populace that makes this kingdom so great. Bring your banners, polish your kits, and add to the pageantry of this beautiful day, as the West shines in all her glory.

Words from their Majesties about the list:

List Format:
- The list will be a standard double elimination tournament. Finals will be fought best two out of three.
- Armor is Western Standard Conventions, with one exception: Helms will be as worn.
- Addition to the list: any combat within the tournament may, at the option of the two combatants and their consorts, be fought single sword (one handed swords, please) at the barrier. Combats of this type shall be to 3 counted blows, and may be fought either in the German style (empty hand on the barrier) or not, as it please the combatants and their consorts. There will be barriers available for use during the list and later for roses. We have made this choice in honor of Duke Obadiah the Obstreperous, who loved this format.

To enter the list you must:
- Present your current fighter authorization card.
- Present current membership cards for you and your consort (or otherwise demonstrate membership).
- There will be no additional restrictions to this list.

The Crowns are Requesting:
- Foreign fighters choosing to enter this list: You must ask permission of the Crown to enter the lists. The Crown would post your name so that the West knows who is coming to contest for the crown. Should you prefer that We not do so, please let us know, or provide a pseudonym to be published.
- Western fighters entering the list, if you wish to have your name added to the roll of fighters entering to contend the Crown would be honored to do so. In keeping with the traditions of the West, this is not required.
- We would love to see a grand heraldic display- take this opportunity to display your heraldry in whatever form you choose - banners and surcoats and livery and….we look forward to seeing the work of your hands!

Roses will open after the fields have been condensed, and will be open for both heavy and rapier. Rumor has it that His Highness Sean of Artemisia will be in attendance and out there to train and fight all comers.

Her Majesty would like to extend an invitation to all the Roses of the West to come join her when the Tournament of the Roses starts, so that you too can hand out roses to the fighters. Please bring a drink of your choice, a pillow to sit on, and stories of the kingdom so that all of us can share in this wonderful tradition.

During the Day:

Wreath of Athena – entries must be checked in by 11am. Please write what the project is, and whatever you’re comfortable with telling viewers about it.
Pick up entries after before evening court.

Wooden Spoon Competition:
The Wooden Spoon competition will be any recipe from Le Viandier de Taillevent, France, circa 1380
translation by James Prescott:
Wooden Spoon competitions are participant judged, so please be prepared to talk about the yummy period food you’ve made.

Publick House:
Please drop by the Publick House to enjoy some shade, food and drink… perhaps try your hand at cards or dice and meet some new people!

Saturday evening there will be a great celebration of life for Ob on the List Field, hosted by the Angels. The kingdom torches will be out, games will be played, drinks shared, and good times had. Lift our loved ones to the heavens on the sound of our laughter, share their memories in the sagas we tell, and celebrate the how they have affected our lives.

RV parking is available at $25/night. Please contact the Event Steward beforehand to set up arrangements.

Pets allowed on leash and with owner at all times.

West Kingdom fire laws apply.

Mists Archery Champion
The tournament to determine his successor will be held on Saturday at 2:00 pm. It will consist of a royal round and three Norse themed novelty targets. All are welcome to shoot but you must reside in the Mists to compete. You must also be able to attend Mists investiture this year and next year in order to receive/pass on the baldric and arrow.

If you plan on being a merchant at this event, you MUST contact the Event Steward and Merchant Coordinator ahead of time, as special arrangements have to be made with the Fairgrounds. Any merchant who does not do this may not be allowed to merchant at this event.

Event Steward: Catriona Morgan — Phone: 209.480.7458 (no calls after 8:30 pm please)

This link shows a map of the Fairgrounds. We will be entering through Gate 5/5A which is at the end of N. Broadway.

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at noon on Friday, closes at 4pm on Sunday
Site Fee: 
$25 registration fee; $20 member discounted fee; persons 17 and under free; no family cap

Use best GPS directions to the address above and watch for the signs pointing to the correct entrance gate/parking lot.