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Far West 12th Night (Tokyo, Japan)

Saturday January 6th, 2018

Stronghold of Warrior’s Gate 
Far West (Yetnalae Geumjandi)

Baronial 12th Night event will be an overnight event at a Hanok (traditional Korean house). We wish to invite you to a weekend of holiday merriment.
The event will begin with opening court. There will be combat for both heavy and rapier on the Saturday afternoon. It will be followed by a great feast, singing and dance.
Sunday morning breakfast and workshops before closing Jancourt.

What a joyous way to begin a new year.

Event Steward: Richard Peterson  SCA: Palatine Baron Won Cheol e-mail:

Location: Yetnalae Geumjandi (Yet-nal-ae Geum-jan-di) on Ganghwa Island, near Incheon.

Start Time: 
Gate opens: 2 pm, Saturday Gate close: 12 pm, Sunday
Site Fee: 
30,000 won, 15,000 won children (we have no non-member fees here) (This covers both sleep arrangements and feast)