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Selveirgard Warlord's Tourney

Saturday August 12th, 2017 to Sunday August 13th, 2017
Houston, Alaska

As summer winds toward a close, it is once again time to choose a Warlord, to lead our forces and protect the Baronial boundaries.

Join Baron Halfdan for the Warlord’s Tourney, archery, rapier and feasting. Meat will be provided, please bring a hearty side, salad or dessert.

Festivities begin at 10am, tourney at noon, followed by rapier and archery. Activities for non-combatants include arts & crafts and a kids-cooking- with-a-peer snack activity (Yum!)

Camping is available $15/night - separate fee, payable to the City of Houston.

Event Stewards: Margarita di Calvi (Gretchen Thompson) and Delphine de Granada (Meghan Thompson)
Phone: 907-244-6543

Site Information: 
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $15, Adult Member Discount: $10. Children (5-10) site fee is $12, with a $5 discount for members. Family rate is $50, discounted to $30, if all are members