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Mists Fall Coronet

Friday September 25th, 2015 to Sunday September 27th, 2015

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Words from the Prince and Princess:

From the Prince and Princess of the Mists, Greetings!
Although we have recently stepped up to these offices, we find ourselves already planning for our Coronet Tourney in September.  Since we wish as many as possible to camp and celebrate with us the chosing of our heirs, we plan to offer several activities in addition to the usual tournament for the Coronet and the fighting for Roses.
On Saturday evening, there will be -- not a Princess' Tea, but a Princess' Pie.  (The Princess is very fond of Pie!)  Bring your best pie, whether sweet or savory.  Fruit pies, custard pies, quiche, meat pies, all kinds of pie are good!  There will be prizes for the best pies selected by qualified judges, for any pie the Princess is fond of, for any pie the Prince is fond of.  (Please flag any pie that uses any form of onion, including garlic, since His Highness is seriously allergic...)  You may include documentation -- if enough people do, we may have special categories for best period pie -- but you are not required to do so. After the judging, the pies will be made available to the populace.
In addition, on Saturday evening there will be a bardic challenge.  We challenge all bards, troubadors, poets, storytellers to bring their best piece to perform for the populace.  We challenge the populace to bring small gifts which they may reward to their favorite performers.  We will also have presents for those performers we find especially pleasing. We prefer but do not require original pieces, and we ask that all performers be aware of the length of their pieces.  This will be a wonderful chance to warm up for the Mists Bardic competition later in the reign.
After that, party on, dudes! We hope all will join us for a celebration of autumn and our wonderful Principality, the cradle of kingdoms...
On Sunday, we are planning a Seven Deadly Sins Tourney for the heavy fighters, a similar activity for rapier fighters, and a scavenger hunt for everyone else.  Other special activities are being planned, including a possible fundraising auction.  Please plan to camp at Coronet and spend a wonderful weekend with us!
Although we are doing our best, we cannot be everywhere and cannot see all the wonderful things our people are doing.  We have just (on June 29) received our first formal award recommendation.  While we are willing to act on more casual recommendations, it's really nice to get mail.