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Harvest Fest

Sunday September 21st, 2014
Juneau, Alaska

Come join the populace of Earngyld  to celebrate the plentiful harvest of the growing season.  We will have Heavy fighting, Rapier fighting, games, Dance, and Device making, along with a potluck feast.

Lady Aneira can be contacted at 907-321-4611

Branch Seneschal: Aneria Verch Thomas

More infomration to come.

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
12:00 PM - 6PM
Site Fee: 
$10.00 for members and $15.00 for non-members.
Feast Fee: 

Make your best way to the back loop road, turn onto Montana Creek road. Drive 0.3 miles to Skaters Cabin. The Rock and log cabin in on your right.