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Fall Feast & Champoinship

Saturday October 18th, 2014
Redding, California

Come join us for Bestwode Shire’s Fall Championship and Feast at Shasta Community College. We plan to host many events throughout the day. The Bestwode Championship Tournament and Rapier Tournament will be featured out on the small tourney fields. Inside the cafeteria we will have several Arts and Sciences competitions, feasting and dancing. The theme of the feast and festivities that follow the tourney will be a period masked costumed revelry. Once the tournament is over all guests are asked to don a mask to obstruct their faces. Dressing as a medieval monster (PLEASE NO MUNDANE COSTUMES) is highly encouraged to add pageantry to our festivities. Site/Feast tickets are limited so please buy them early. Please find us on Facebook to stay updated.


Pre-buying: contact Lady Finna kottr Godormsdottir or visit The Endless Circle on Merchant’s Row at up-coming events or via phone (530) 391-6271

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
10 am and closes at 10 pm
Site Fee: 
$15 pre-buy/ $20 at-gate Adult, $10 pre-buy / $15 at-gate Child (6-12), Children under 6 free. $5 non-member surcharge applies to adults only. Site fee INCLUDES feast fees.

This is a DRY site and live steel is not allowed on campus.