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Oerthan Summer Coronet & Investiture

Friday July 18th, 2014 to Monday July 21st, 2014

Join us as we celebrate the reign of Prince Kennric and Princess Dagmar and the selection of Their Heirs. Enjoy the salt air and nearby beach, revel in the mountains, shop at the traditional Kodiak Islander Saturday market, and walk along the trails between the pastures.

There will be an A&S display. Please bring lots of things. Show off all the things you've worked on over the long winter months!!

Roses Tournament will commence for heavy and rapier fighters immediately following the Coronet tournament upon the Eric.

Archery classes will be taught against the mountainside.

Children's activities are being coordinated. More to come on that front.


A&S competition: Period headwear

Their Highnesses' Whim: Viking clothing, especially clothing for Their Highnesses. Winning garb will be worn at Their stepdown. Fabric is available for those who are making the items specifically for Their Highnesses to keep.

Autocrat's Whim: displayed representations of the chivalric virtues.

Herbal and Leechcraft Guild competition: a first aid item, with documentation explaining its uses in period and current efficacy in the Knowne World.

Saturday night is a potluck dinner, with the Dona Etain Rapier Tournament afterwards and a Bardic Bonfire that night (if the Fire Danger sign is green).

The Shield Tree will be up for the Fighters and Consorts on the list -- please bring your Shields!


Site Information: Kodiak Fairgrounds (Rezanof Drive, Kodiak, Alaska)

Dogs are okay. Must be on leash. Please bring your leather or wooden dishes. Glass is not allowed due to horses, cows, and goats.

Site is wet carefully, police age restrictions. Fires are allowed in above ground containers at camp sites and a bonfire will occur Saturday if the fire danger sign is green. Guns may not be carried about openly. Bears should be reported to the Fairgrounds caretaker.


Directions from the airport: Turn left onto Rezanof Drive. Drive about five minutes. Watch for the Kodiak Fairgrounds and Raceway sign. Turn right. You are there.

Directions from the ferry dock: Turn left, follow the curve around until you reach the one and only stoplight. Turn left onto Rezanof Drive. Follow the road for about 10-15 minutes until you pass the airport. Drive about five more minutes. Watch for the Kodiak Fairgrounds and Raceway sign. Turn right. You are there.


We look forward to seeing you upon our fair shores!!


Autocrat: Tama Katerina Evstokh'eva,

Start Time: 
noon Friday (soup and bread will be available by around 4-5 pm) and closes at 5 pm Sunday.
Site Fee: 
$22 for 12 and up, $12 for 6-11, 5 and under free!