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30th Anniversary Court of Love

Saturday March 8th, 2014 to Sunday March 9th, 2014

30th Anniversary Court of Love

The Canton of Borderwinds, in the Barony of Tarnmist, invites everyone to our annual Court of Love and Tournament given in honor of Lady Elizabeth of Millpond Run and her champion, our Lord Protector, Lord Tiberius Bibilous!  The theme for this year is an Italian Renaissance Masked Ball (though, as always, ANY period is welcome!), so please bring (and wear!) your most fabulous masks!

The fighting for the day will be a fun tournament, hosted by our Lord Protector. He's got some wonderful plans to make sure your fighting day is grand!  The Court itself will be lots of fun with many contests, guessing who is who under the masks, and we'll have our annual AUCTION (Donations cheerfully accepted!). An Arts and Sciences Table will be avilable for displaying our Barony's bounty.

The Contests: Best Bardic Offering to the Lady Of Love and Beauty; Most Fabulous Mask; Most Outrageous Mask; Most Inventive Cloved Fruit; Best Chocolate Dessert (no coconut,please);Best non-chocolate Food of Love ( recipes can be traditional or a variation; the recipe ( w/o your name) must be provided; documentation not required);Best Hand Kissing; Most Eloquent Compliment; Best Double Entandre'. There will also be dancing, so put your best foot forward, and come to the Borderwinds Court of Love!  There may be a babysitting service provided for the Court of Love Feast, gratis; please call autocrat for more information.

Site Information: Ramona Garden Park Center, 993 Ramona Ave, Grover Beach, CA.

Event Hours: Site opens 10am.Tourney begins at 12pm; feast at 4pm, or soon after tourney.  Site closes at 11pm.

*NOTE** There is a "Family cap" of $60.00(2 adults& 2 or + children)  Please make checks out to "SCA,Inc-Barony of Tarnmist"

Please let the head cook know of any allergies you might have.

Autocrat: Jena Whitehart (Zaena Burdick) (805)739-1072 

Head Cook: Lady Alexandra Sinclair 

Directions: From the North:Take Hwy 101 south to Arroyo Grande,CA;take Five Cities Drive exit and turn left.Proceed up to 4th St., turn right, proceed to Ramona Ave and turn left.Site will be at the corner of Ramona Ave and 10th St.From the South: take Hwy 101 to Grande/Grand Ave exit,turn left.Proceed west to 10th St.,turn right;site is 2 blocks north.

Site Fee: 
Day only- $5.00, Day and Feast-$25.00
Feast Fee: 
Members- $20.00, Non members - $25