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Silver Desert Championship (Reno, NV)

Saturday August 10th, 2013 to Sunday August 11th, 2013
Fallon, Nevada
Silver Desert Championship (Fallon, NV)
Unto all the populace of The West and Cynagua, the Province of Silver Desert invites one and all to come test their skills in a variety of skill challenges with the hopes of becoming the Champion of Silver Desert!
Armored and non-Armored compete with equal vigor and chance to win the greatest prize east of the Sierra Nevadas and West of the Outlands *! We know that you are bored with the usual tournaments and contests, so make the journey East and you won’t be disappointed!
At the end of the day, come revel and feast as we celebrate our new Champion! Enjoy foods of the Iberian Peninsula and some treats from our trading partners throughout the World.*(There are only two active branches out here in the sticks and both will be working together on this event! Please plan on coming...Please...Please...Please)
Competitions you might see! Enter as many as you want:
   1. Armored Combat Tournament
   2. “Documenting Vinny-style” Cooking Competition (make something good to eat and tell a really good story as to how it is period)
   3. Iberian Cooking from Period Sources (real documentation, but can be any of the cultures of the Iberian Peninsula. Keep Documentation to one page, Arial 12pt.)
   4. Camel Dressage and, possible, steeple chase
   5. Iberian History Quiz
   6. Old World/New world Game (guess the foods that are Medieval and which are from the Americas)
   7. Canes - period game for Iberians, brought by the Moors. If you have a Marlote, be the Grandee and wear it!
   8. Iberian Bardic - Tell a story, sing a song, recite a poem, dance, etc with an Iberian theme.
   9. Iberian/not Iberian - test your knowledge of Iberian Culture (includes heraldry, costuming, famous fi gures, etc.)
 10. Championship Armored Croquet and non-Armored “medieval” croquet (still working on the rules, but since we don’t have flamingoes....)
Site Information: Tournament: Laura Mills Park, Fallon, NV, Map:
                                Revel/Feast: Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Parish Hall,  (Feast starts at 6pm and ends at 10pm)  507 Churchill Street, Fallon, NV 89406 Site Info:
For those coming in from over the mountains, Fallon has several hotels and motels at very reasonable rates:;l=Fallon,+Nevada;q=Fallon+hotels;d=2013-06-30;n=1;s=p;si=8c72f9c6;av=r


Event Schedule: 
Tournament Site opens at 8am and closes at 6pm, Feast Site opens 6pm and closes 10 pm
Site Information: 
Site Fee: 
$10.00 (includes feast). Non-member surcharge applies.