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Prince's Prize Tourney

Friday April 25th, 2014 to Monday April 28th, 2014
Chugiak, Alaska

Missing your armor?  Have an urge to enter an A&S contest?  Long winter got you down?  Not to worry!  Your Prince has heard your plight and offers entertainments to enliven the spring and prepare the armies of Oertha for tourney season!

Sharpen your swords and rapiers, fletch your arrows and put quill to parchment with your bardic skills; pull out your banners and prepare to dress your camp in all its pageantry.  His Highness desires to see Oertha in all its finery, taste of its best desserts and brewed drinks, and play games of skill and chance.  He offers prizes for many tourneys, games and contests – with feasting and bardic to celebrate it all.  Join Him:  attend classes, celebrate Chivalry and earn points toward a grand prize, while toasting the inspiration of your consort and the future in our small Treasures.

The festivities begin on Friday night, with Tyr’s Torchlight Tourney, and conclude on Sunday, with a Teddy Bear Tea, sponsored by Her Highness Dagmar, for the delight of the Treasures.  See the list of entertainments below and plan to enter many to win points and glory.

PRIZES:  A sampling of AWESOME items, worthy of gifting by His Highness, many hand-crafted by Oerthan artisans, given by His Highness to enrich the populace.

Contests and Entertainments:

Heavy fighting:  Tyr’s Torchlight Tourney, Prize Tourney (with points awarded for period kit, chivalry, display of knightly virtues) and the Viscountess’ Brunch Tourney on Sunday morning.
Rapier fighting:  Prize Tourney (with points awarded for period kit, chivalry, display of knightly virtues) and other tourneys to be announced.
Archery:  William Tell Shoot, target shooting
A&S Contests:  Period “tourney” garb; bardic arts:  original song/story/poem; brewing competitions; and Tasty Desserts competition!  Other ADULT competitions on Saturday night will be announced at court.
Children’s games:  Dragon Feet races, “Toss Across” and boffer spear throwing, etc. The Teddy Bear Tea on Sunday will keep them busy while adults break down/pack – snacks will be provided.
Needful information:  Lunch on Saturday will be soups & breads; Feast on Saturday will be a sponsored potluck, with His Highness providing the meat, and other items potluck, by mundane last name:

    A-L    Vegetable side dish                ALLERGEN NOTE:
    M-R    Starchy side dish        NO FISH *** NO ONIONS *** NO JALAPENOS
    S-Z    Breads & Spreads

Autocrat: Ellisif a Reikiavik

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at 5 pm Friday and closes at 3 pm Sunday.
Site Fee: 
$10/adult (over 12 years), $5 Treasures (2-12 years) Babes in Arms = FREE; Family $30

At the Mirror Lake exit off the Glenn Highway between Wasilla and Anchorage, follow the signs to the campground.