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What are the Activities of the SCA?

What are the Activities of the SCA?

There are Tournaments, where the martial arts of the Middle Ages are displayed, and Feasts & Revels where medieval food, drink and entertainment are sampled. Classes on subjects dealing with either the Current Middle Ages (the SCA) or the pre-seventeenth century world are taught by members at events called Universities or Collegiums. Arts and Sciences events emphasize the exhibition and/or competition of various artistic skills and research of SCA members. Guilds or similar groups hold meetings to instruct and assist interested persons in such subjects as dance, cooking, armor making, needlework, music, and more. Information on the SCA is also disseminated in newsletters, magazines, and pamphlets. In addition to the historic aspect of research and re-creation, the SCA also encourages the spread of chivalry, courtesy, honor, and graciousness. Check out the complete Calendar of Events listings for Tournaments and / or Feasts & Revels in Branch locations close to you.

Want an opportunity to find and participate in these activities? The SCA is a Volunteer group, so step up, volunteer, and have fun!

Branch Groups or local groups are called Baronies, Shires, Cantons, or Colleges, depending on size, and are organized in the same way as the Kingdom. Each group has its own Seneschal, Herald, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Marshal, and Chirurgeon. These officers are answerable to the Crown, as well as to the local populace.

West Kingdom Library Is the location of numerous additional links, including SCA forms, laws, manuals, policies, waivers and much more.

West Kingdom Guilds provide information on several activites available to participants of the SCA. There are several, among them: Brewing, Calligraphy, Archery, Armoring, Knitting, Research, Costuming, Tent making, Heraldry, Embroidery, Basketry, Weaving, Herbalism, Court dancing, Illumination, Singing, Linguistics, Feasting, Lace making, Cooking, Fencing, Astronomy, Belly dancing, Newsletters, Gaming, Glassblowing, Spinning, Knife making, Hawking etc., etc.


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