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Kingdom of the West Chronicler

Contact the Chronicler
  • West Kingdom Chronicler : Dagny the Blue
  • Social Media Officer Deputy- TikTok : Alyce des Arbres
  • Social Media Officer Deputy Cynagua TikTok : Brenna Bethan
  • West Kingdom Page Editor : Christina O'Riain

The Chronicler is the manager of the Kingdom Office of Communications. The Chronicler will supervise these deputies: Publication Manager, Social Media Manager, and Event Publicity Content Editor, and the Lesser office of Web Minister. The Chronicler may elect to personally fill a deputy post or the Lesser office of Web Minister, but must have other members executing the duties and responsibilities of the other three posts.

The Publications Manager is responsible for print media, including all official publications within the realm, regular publication of The Page as the newsletter of the Kingdom, publishing the current Laws of the Kingdom and the Principalities every five years in an Administrative Issue, and encouraging the publication of the results of research by any subject of the Kingdom.

The Event Publicity Content Editor and team will vet all event copy for official events held in the West Kingdom, assuring that required content is included and distributing the vetted copy to the Publication Manager, Social Media Manager, and Web Minister, or their local group counterparts, for dissemination to the communication outlets for the Kingdom.

Chronicler PolicyAbout The William Blackfox Awards, and About Release Forms for Chroniclers are always available for view and download.

CHRONICLER REPORT FORM  -- (submits to Kingdom Chronicler)

Release Forms:

The Page Newsletter: To submit artwork to be featured in the West Kingdom Newsletter, The Page, send photos and descriptions to

How to Request Event Dates:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your event date MUST be approved by the Kingdom Calendar Deputy BEFORE you submit event copy. (West Kingdom Event Scheduling/Calendar Policy)

  • Date requests are to be made via the 2023/2024 DATE REQUEST FORM.
  • Coronets, Investitures, events where Crowns, Coronet or Landed Barons/Baronesses give awards or transact other business of lasting effect to the SCA must also appear.
  • Any event sponsored by an official SCA branch and advertised to the members of that branch, either in The Page Newsletter or a branch newsletter, is covered by SCA insurance.
  • Calendar deadline is the 15th of the month -- TWO MONTHS prior to your event.  

How to Submit Event Copy:

  • Event Copy is to be sent via the 2023 WEST KINGDOM EVENT COPY SUBMISSION FORM.
  • Event copy will be published for the month of the event and the month prior.  Event Copy Submission Deadline is 5:00pm PST - the FIRST DAY of the month, two months BEFORE the cover date (ie. Jan 1st for March and April issues)
  • Event Copy must be published in the Kingdom Newsletter-- The Page -- to hold official business.
  • All Event Copy submitted using this form will be received by the Kingdom Communications Team — the WK Chronicler, WK Page Manager, WK Webminister, WK Social Media Officer — and their deputies.
  • If you have any additional questions or concerns please email the team directly at

Check out the EVENT STEWARD TIMELINE for an additional resource!

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