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Kingdom of the West Chronicler

Contact the Chronicler
  • West Kingdom Chronicler : Lady Bella Dona dei Sorci
  • West Kingdom Page Editor : Christina O'Riain

Facebook Event Policy

The Kingdom Social Media Team is in charge of making all events on Facebook for the kingdom. If you are an event steward, please submit your event copy via the instructions below, and then message the social media team on the kingdom Facebook page to be added as a co-host to the event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not create your own events! If an event doesn't have a page yet, reach out to the social media team.


How to Submit Event Copy

Send ALL event copy as UNFORMATTED text within the body of an email to  This makes sure that all the people that need the information receive it.  Even if you have changes to the event after The Page deadline, send them in.  The web team and Facebook event team can then update in the appropriate places.  Please use a subject line that pertains to what is being submitted, for example, “Event Name Copy” or “Prince/Princess of Principality Words.”  Please do not attach a word document or other file type with event copy. Event copy will be published for the month of the event and the month prior.

Checklist for submission of Event Copy (copy this into the body of your email and fill in the information):

  •     Email to
  •     Event copy includes:
  •         Event Steward (only one) - Legal and SCA names
  •         Event Steward phone number and email
  •         Date - day, month, year
  •         Time - open and close
  •         Registration Amount - use new wording “Adult Event Registration: $(price of adult with no membership), Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $(price of adult with membership), Children (specify ages): $  , Family Cap: $   "
  •         Name of sponsoring branch
  •         Location of site - building/park name, address, town
  •         Directions to site (no Google Maps links please)
  •         Event Copy - make it fun, make it interesting but keep it at 300 words or less please!  Please, do not attach a document.  Copy and paste into the body of the email.  In fact, just copy this checklist and fill in the blanks!  There is no limit on web copy. If you have something more to include for web copy, please make a note; copy will be edited for The Page and the full copy will be posted to the web.
  •         Approval by Seneschal

Event copy that does not contain all of the above WILL NOT be published in The Page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your event date MUST be approved by the Kingdom Calendar Deputy BEFORE you submit event copy! ( Coronets, Investitures, events where Crowns, Coronet or Landed Barons/Baronesses give awards or transact other business of lasting effect to the SCA must also appear. Any event sponsored by an official SCA branch and advertised to the members of that branch, in The Page or branch newsletter, is covered by SCA insurance. Calendar deadline is the 15th of the month TWO months prior to your event. Date requests are to be made via email to The calendar policy can be seen at


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