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Sunnyvale Fighter Practice

Every Wednesday at 2:30am


Effective after Tuesday, November 12 Twin Creeks can no longer permit use of our facility for Sunnyvale, CA weekly fighter practice (field and parking lot). Tuesday night Sunnyvale Fighter Practices as a courtesy will still be permitted for October 29, November 5 and November 12, 2013.


Old listing:

South Bay fighter practice happens weekly on Tuesday evenings in Southern Shores.  Practice begins around 7:30pm at the Twin Creeks Sports Center at 969 Caribbean Drive, exept for Thanksgiving week, and the week before Christmas through New Years.  Practices are moved to alternate locations in the winter, when the Twin Creek fields are closed due to rain; this usually happens between February and April.

The Facebook group for this practice is called twincreeksfp.

More Information

When you enter the complex, bear to the left around the edge. We are in the western end of the parking lot, and our gate is in the north west corner. If you are facing the main gate, go to your left. We recommend that you not park too close to the baseball field fence (first or 2nd row) due to cracked windshields from home run balls coming over the fence.

We have the lighted field for Tuesday Nights from 7:00p.m. to 10:30p.m. We can stay as late as the staff does, and they are required to stay as long as there are still softball games going on. It’s possible that some games many not even start untill 10:00p.m., in which case we can stay later.

Look for a Hastings lock on the side gate. This will be a gate for our use only.

We are being asked to keep a close eye on the gate if it is unlocked, as it does provide access to the rest of the facility, and we need to make sure that people do not take advantage of our gate to by-pass their gate. We can keep the gate closed but not locked to discourage outsiders from using it.

The site has large grassy fields, lights, water, seating, and porto-pots, as well as access to their main club house which has dining, rest room and bar facilities. The main club house facilities stay open as long as there is enough business to make it worth while.

The site has security, though the parking lot stops being patrolled when the rest of the site closes. No place is 100% secure, so we must take normal precautions if leaving gear in the cars after practice if we leave to make use of the restaurant, etc .

There is the possibility that the facility will close for rain. They have provided us with the number (408-534-1169) to call from 3:00 p.m. on to determine of the facility will be closed that day.

If you are not an SCA member, please remember to fill out the waiver forms. You will need to do this each week that you attend the practice.