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WK emails and Electronic Peerage/Polling Meeting Tools

From the Kingdom Webminister:

The West Kingdom IT Team has greatly increased it's offerings in the past few years.  As our 501(c3) status allows, we were able to obtain several enterprise level services at no monetary cost.

The most poignant of those is the acqusition of Gsuite for non-profits. This gave us a wide array of applications that every member can utilize.  Email, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Classrooms, Project Tracking - just to name a few. 

The West Kingdom IT Team is utilizing the centralized authentication mechanism that GSuite provides to authenticate other services, where possible.

After over two years of testing - with the Kingdom officers as a test pool - we're confident in moving forward with our plans to open it to all members.

With the approval of the Crown and Seneschal we welcome you to take part in these services.  Use of these services comes with terms of service from each third party service, and all use is goverened by the Society Webminister policies. You are bound to both policies as your usage of them - acknowledgement of the terms of service implies your agreement.


West Kingdom GSuite ( emails/logins)

Request an account - Open to all WK participants, regardless of peerage status.  Accounts are processed by hand.  You will get an email at your mundane address when the account is active with links to log in and change your password.  Once your account is active, you can use it to access all the tools included in the West Kingdom GSuite such as Gmail and Classroom.  Login through, NOT 

If you are a member of a group, such as a Peerage Order, with Classrooms, you will receive invitations to those Classrooms when the Clerk processes your entry in the form above.  The invitation will come to your email AND it will be waiting for you at  Please be aware that you must be logged in to the appropriate account to view and that following links sometimes kicks you back to a primary account.  If you get a can not access notice, double check your login before contacting a clerk. 

If you have an existing account but need to be added to a new order's list (recent elevation, pre-existing officer or reign account, etc.), please fill out the form above.  If you have an existing account and fill out the form above (with no change in Peerage status, the clerk will reset your password and email a log in link to your listed mundane email.  If you need further assitance with your account, please contact Else Hunrvogt,  

Electronic Clerks 

Peerage Orders: Order of the Chivalry - Order of the Laurel - Order of the Pelican - Order of Defense

Grant of Arms Polling Orders: Royal Missle Company - Order of the Western Gold Scarf

Google Classroom

There is an app for that! Information regarding downloading the app for various platforms,

Educational Materials (Please note: Google has modified the appearance of the program since these training guides were created)

Getting Started with WK GSuite (PDF - last update 3/2018)

Using Google Classroom as a Peerage Order Tool (PDF - Last updated 3/2018) - Classroom Specific Guide

Polling Basics in Google Classroom (PDF - Last updated 3/2018)

Complete Guide to the ways the WK is using GSuite for the Peerages (PDF - Last Updated 3/2018)

What goes on in the Peerage meetings? - One Peer's Explanation for Pels and Laurels

Slack Chat

Slack is an enterprise messaging system. In the same vein as Internet Relay Chat multiple users can connect simultaneously and share files, hold voice and video meetings, use private channels, and communicate effectively.

Your kingdom username,, is how you gain access to it.  If you have an account, join us. If you have as of yet to obtain an account, please use the forms above.

Slack Chat

Meeting Virutally?

All Kingdom accounts have access to Google Meets.  Additionally, Kingdom has a paid Zoom account available to branches for Virtual/Hybrid meetings and Virtual/Hybrid events.  CLICK HERE to see a calendar of upcoming events/meetings or to learn how to add your activity.