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Perfectly Period Feast - Burgundy Guild

Perfectly Period Feast - Burgundy: November 10-12, 2017


A chill wind blew on Martin's Day
The trees and vines were stripp'd of leaves
The barns were fill'd with grains and hay,
The days grow short, the sun recedes,
Dispatches sent and letters receiv'd
To celebrate the nuptial mass,
Good Philip's heir a bride receives
The Duke's first son, Count Charles the Bold.

Tenans, a challenge did convey,
To all stout hearts who would achieve
Glory and honor through melee
And single combat up'n the field
A pas d'arms was thus conceiv'd
To celebrate the nuptial mass,
Good Philip's heir a bride receives
The Duke's first son, Count Charles the Bold.

The field was set on Martin's Day,
Banners danced in the autumn breeze
Colors against a sky of gray,
Challenges given and receiv'd,
Venans and Tenans, weapons wield,
To celebrate the nuptial mass,
Good Philip's heir a bride receives
The Duke's first son, Count Charles the Bold.

-Barone Antonio


The Perfectly Period Feast Movement has been described as "collaborative research project culminating in an immersive experience".

The West Kingdom Perfect Period Feast – Burgundy Guild (PPF-Burgundy Guild) is dedicated to exploring the time and culture of Burgundy in the fifteenth century with a goal of producing a Perfectly Period Feast on the theme in Fall of 2017.  All interested folks are welcome to participate in the guild at whatever their interest level.  The guild members will spend the intervening years researching the time period, producing suitable items, conducting classes and workshops, and fundraising for the event.  

More specifically we will be throwing a feast day centered in 1450 to 1468 in a pretentious, wealthy merchant household.   The goal is to continue the high quality in food, table service and material goods that have come to characterize PPF's while expanding the spectacle presentations (entremets), period games/entertainments, and music/dance.  On this PPF cycle, we will also be adding a pas d'armes.   We encourage an interactive experience for servers and guests and we seek to engage those new to PPFs as well as our core of experienced participants. All interested parties shall be guildmembers.  

Currently, various guildmembers are exploring their favorite subject areas, experimenting with ideas and implementation and refining their thoughts.  

Want to join in on the fun?  Join us in teaching or taking a class or workshop.  Need an idea for a class to teach?  A wish list of classes is available here.  Interested in finding resourses? Guildmembers have already completed several classes.  Class notes and other educational materials can be found below.  Want a social media connection?  Follow along or share resources on the PPF-Burgundy Guild Facebook Page or  Perfectly Period Feast Yahoo Group.    Have an area you are interested in exploring, but want some assistance?  Please let the Guildmistress or Autocrat know and we will be happy to help you get on track and to help you share your information with others.  

If there is anything we can do to aid you in "Doing Art" for this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Mistress Flidais Ni Eitigen  - Guildmistress
 Mistress Else Hunrvogt - Autocrat and Webminister of this page   
 Sir Heinrich von Melk.- Exchequer  


Details such as menu break down and prices are still available on the registration page.


Event overview - for a more complete schedule click here

Friday afternoon/evening

Set up hall.  

Potluck and Refresher classes on: What to expect and how to be a guest; how to recognize and interact with the staff.  Review topical gossip, literature, and important events of the times.


Early! ~8 am Light break-fast of bread, cold meats and cheese, watered wine or fruit juice and bread.

9 am Guests entertain themselves with games, dancing, idle (or strategic) chatter among the guests and servants and view the helmets/crests/arms of the competitors in the Pas d’Armes in the Feast Hall.

11 am Servants fed in messes in the Manor House/  Set up for the Feast will occur at the same time in the Feast Hall.  Guests are allowed to socialize in the hall during set up if they so wish.

Feast- noon (~2 hours) - Order of Precedence procession into the room; seating by ticket type. Food and presentations / performances.

After feast 2 pm to ~5 pm - Servants clear tables of gear & reset for supper, Chairs /benches moved to inside of the U shape for after feast (backs to tables), move back for supper.  Games and outdoor activities to occupy guests while combatants get ready to participate in the Pas and after the Pas while combatants are cleaning up.

2:30 Guests gather for the Pas d’Armes. (2 hours)

~5 pm Supper from the sideboard (1 to 1.5 hours) Food and storytelling on the theme of the Pas.

~7 pm start clean-up

~8 pm sponsors pick up their items.

~9 pm event closes for day trip event / old style SCA after-revel for camping event with Saturday stay.

Sunday morning

Brunch of leftovers and general socializing

Finish cleaning site and go home.


Educational Materials

Translations of Primary Sources

Pinterist Pages for Material Goods

Frequently Asked Questions Slides (Current 3/9/2017)

From Known World Costuming Symposium - 2009

From the Presentation on Adapting Armor for the Pas

From Mini-Collegium and Arts Practice - March 2016

From the Napkin Workshop - January 2016

From Collegium - November 2015

From the Spoon Casting Workshop - August 2015

From Arts and Sciences Tournament - June 2015

From Collegium - November 2014

From Arts and Sciences Tournament - June 2014 (Documents currently under reconstruction)

  • Preliminary Overview Slides
  • Preliminary Philosophy
  • Preliminary Event Schedule and Layout.
  • Preliminary Pre-Event Class Wish List


*****List of Vendors who have 15th Century Stuff - Caveat Emptor******


Fundraising and Donations

The Financial Committee would like to thank our Donors:

  • Mistress Else Hunrvogt
  • Lady Cynthia Fairfax
  • Mistress Flidais ni Eitigen
  • Lady Aleit Pietersdochter
  • Lord Niall Mor
  • Mistress Crystal of the Westermark
  • Sir Geoffrey Mathias
  • Mistress Anne of Bradford
  • Mistress Uta Fell hammer
  • Baroness Tuireadh of Canale
  • Master Zaid al-fallah al-hajji
  • Mistress Marguerite du Royon
  • Master Charles de Bourbon 
  • Lord Coenwulf Draugrson
  • Sir Heinrich von Melk
  • Lady Kathryn Onora
  • Mistress Caitriona inghean ui Chionaodha
  • Sir Bjorn Jorsalfar of Bearhaven
  • Mistress Hilarie the Puppeteer
  • Lord Hosokawa Yoshitatsu
  • Mistress Gwendwyn the Silent
  • Lord Hamish McGowan
  • Lady Heidi von der Bergen
  • Lady Jolie de la Rue
  • Viscountess Juliana of Avon
  • Viscount Nathan Hartman
  • Barone Antonio Giordano da Sicilia
  • Mistress Ula Brennasdottir
  • Lady Thyri Grimsdottir
  • Mistress Sabrina de la Bere
  • Viscountess Syele Thorsdottir
  • Lady Liadan of the Westermark
  • Mistress Alys Graye
  • Lady Sigrun Billingsdottir of Wolfscairn

**************If you are interested in making a donation or running a fundraiser, please contact the Exchequer