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The Annual Arts & Sciences Championship, "The Order of the Golden Poppy"

The Order of the Golden Poppy

The West Kingdom Arts & Science Champion was historically selected by the winner of the "Run for the Golden Poppy", and inducted into the Order of the Golden Poppy at the completion of their year of service as the Champion.  It began in AS XIX (1984), and continued until AS LI (2017), at which time the A&S Championship selection was converted to a single-day A&S Championship Tournament.  See the  West Kingdom Herald's Website Entry for the Order of the Golden Poppy for more information about this Order. 

Each of the events in the series had 4 competitions, except the Arts & Sciences Tournament had 8 competitions.  The highest scoring entrant or team that entered all 8 competitions were the winners of the "Eight Legged Race".




West Kingdom Arts & Sciences

The Order of the Golden Poppy

In addition to entering individual competitions, you are also encouraged to strive for the Annual Arts and Sciences Championship. The championship is a year long competition which offers challenges to be both well-rounded and enthusiastic!! The Championship begins each year at Twelfth Night and finishes at the following Purgatorio. Participation in the Championship is simple, because it's automatic - every time you enter an individual competition. These entries are also counted towards a final score in the Annual Arts & Sciences Championship. The winner of the Championship at the end of the year is the person who meets the following qualifications:
Time Frame: Twelfth Night thru Purgatorio
Categories: Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Technical Sciences, Practical Sciences
Total Number of Competitions: 20
Competitions (As set by law):
12th Night: Woodwork, Textiles, Illumination, Period Instrumental/Vocal Performance.
Beltane: Metalwork, Household Goods, Clothing, Original Instrumental or Vocal Performance.
A&S: Leatherwork, Cooking, Needlework, and Original Recitation.
          ****An additional 4 competitions are set by the A&S Minister each year, one for each category
Purgatorio: Glassworks, Brewing, Calligraphy, and Physical Performance.
Qualifications: Complete 8 of the 20 competitions with a qualifying score. 4 of the qualifying scores should be in one of the each categories.  Thus, 1 qualifying score in Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Technical Sciences and Practical Sciences, plus 4 more of compeitions of your choosing.
Qualfiying Score: 76+ points per competition.
Limitations: There are no limitations to the number of compeitions you can enter.  So enter often!  However, if you should enter multiple items/entries into the same competition only your highest scores will count toward the competition.

Becoming the A&S Champion

The individual who successfully completes the annual Arts and Sciences Completiton (by competing in 8+ competitions and gaining a qualifying score in at least 8 compeititons) with the highest overall score will be named to the Order of the Golden Poppy.  When you become the newest member of the Order of the Golden Poppy you also become the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion.

Duties of the A&S Champion:
- Swear fealty, receive the protection of the Crown and be available to advise the Crown upon the Crown's request.
- Engage in any one or number of pursuits to serve the kingdom including but not limited to the following:
  • Organize displays at kingdom events
  • Teach classes
  • Organize guest lectures
  • Demonstrate period A&S techniques
  • Organize A&S activities
  • Judge A&S competitions
  • Assist in Page School activities
  • Create an A&S prize challenge
  • Contribute to the kingdom in consultation with the Crown and the Kingdom Regalia Officer
  • Or engage in any special A&S project in consultation with the Crown to be reasonably completed during that reign.

***You do not become the next A&S Minister and are not responsible for running of the next compeition set if you win the annual A&S Competition.  You do not need to win all 8 of the competitions that you enter, just get a qualifying score.    

After the final competition at Purgatorio, the scores are tallied and the winner will be notified by the A&S Minister by October Crown.  During Court at the following Twelfth Night the winner is named "Royal Artisan" and inducted into the Order of the Golden Poppy. They will be garbed with the cloak and medallion of the Order, which are theirs to wear until the following Twelfth Night. During the following year, it is the Royal Artisan's duty to help promote Arts and Sciences within the Kingdom (see above).