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Winter's Gate Michaelmas

Saturday October 7th, 2023
Fairbanks, Alaska

Come and join us for this year’s Michaelmas feasting event. This year the feast will be Norse and Persian foods. Norse and Persian, what the ?????.

Well, it all began with a law; a simple little inheritance law that declared no one could inherit while staying in ”Greece” (the Byzantine Empire). Our story involves a younger son, the Varangian Guards, Love and Marriage, the unexpected demise of older brothers, and traveling trials and tribulations.

There will be games before the feast. An A&S contest of period deserts, documentation for extra points, will be judged by the populace. More contests and whims may be announced later.

The Head Cook is Ellisif and those who wish to help out in the kitchen please contact her. She will post announcements for planning sessions. The site will open at 10:00 AM for kitchen staff.

There are 60 Feast Tickets available. Feast full price $10.00, ages 12 and up; Feast Youth price $5.00 ages 3 to 11.
Feast tickets can be purchased from Ellisif í Reykiarvik:
The deadline for ticket purchase is September 23, 2023

Site Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible
Electrical Outlets
Close / Handicap Parking

Event Steward: Hallbiǫrn Erlændar son (Daniel Parrish) — Email:

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Event Start Time: 12:00 PM and End Time: 8:00 PM
Site Fee: 
Adult Non-Member Registration: $15; Adult Member Registration: $10; Children/ Minor Registration: Free; Family Cap: None

Take best route to Airport Way, Fairbanks. Go north on Noble St. Site is on the left. The building sits on the corner of 11th Ave and Noble St.