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Hawk's Haven Grand Archery Tournament & Falcon's Treaty Rapier Tournament

Saturday February 24th, 2024
Gilroy, California

The site is a working Alpaca Farm. No dogs allowed. Leashed Service Animals Only.

Site opens at 8am, armor inspection 9-10am, Tournament starts at 10am.

Tournament 1, consisting of two pits playing the “Animals” game.

Tournament 2, consisting of two pits playing the “Giants” game

Final Tournament being a traditional double elimination,
       2 out of 3 match (rapier or C&T at the combatants’ discretion)

If time allows, more non-tournament fighting may be scheduled.

Animal game:
Either heavy rapier or C&T depending on the combatants’ discretion.
At the start of each round, both combatants will draw a card. On the card will be a picture of an animal which dictates the weapon set each combatant must use:

Fox - Single sword
Bear - Sword and shield
Hawk - Sword and cape
Dog - Sword and baton
Wolf - Sword and dagger
Stag - Case
Boar - Double dagger
Crane - Spear

Giant game:
Either heavy rapier or C&T depending on the combatants’ discretion.
At the start of each round, the area the Giant needs to hit will be selected by the attacker randomly drawing a card that indicates what area of the "Giant" needs to hit to successfully defeat the attacker. The attacker must hit the Giant in any legal location a total of three times to defeat the Giant.

Archery preregistration: Link to come

The Taste of Hawk's Haven, cooking competition: Bring a period dish to share. The people attending the event can taste your dish and cast their vote for the favorite dish of the day. Please bring an ingredient list so we don't poison our friends!

Accompanying the Taste of Hawk's Haven will be a grazing table. Please label your contributions with ingredients.

Still accepting donations for prizes. Contact the Event Steward with questions.

Event Steward: Katherine Grym (Katherine De Santis) — E-mail:

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at 8 AM and closes at 5 PM
Site Fee: 
Adult Non-Members 18 and up: $15; Adult Members:$10; Youth 17 and under are free

Take your best route to 152-West. Make a Right on Burchell and a Left at the Alpaca sign