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Danegeld Tor Thor Hyerdahl and the Bedouin

Saturday August 6th, 2022
Citrus Heights, California

Thor Hyerdahl has visted with Bedoiun tribes in the Middle East. Come join us in the Shire of Danegeld Tor for a unique feast experience under the roof of Ali Karim al-Ghani.  

Games and Classes to be scheduled as well.  

Event Steward: Rhys ap Gwion Baird (

Feast Steward: Tellina di Guiseppe da Fiesole (

Gate and Feast fee TBA

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
9 am
Feast Fee: 

From Highway 80 exit Antelope Road.  Turn east on Antelope to Sunrise Blvd.  Turn North on Sunrise Blvd.  Turn right on Stanford Ave.  Road ends at Wonder street.  Park will be direcly in front of you.