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Winter's Gate Commandercy

Saturday September 14th, 2019 to Sunday September 15th, 2019
Fairbanks, Alaska

Fools Revel v.2 and Commander of Winter’s Gate Rapier Tourney

It is no longer spring. The band of adventurers’ early return was drastically delayed by a horde of scurrilous Danes who attempted to intercept our heroes near the end of their long voyage. After many close escapes, they (the good guys) have arrived in time for the Winter’s Gate Rapier Commander tourney. Some of the strange food from a very distant land even survived the failed hijacking. It is time to gather and show our defiance to the upcoming winter months (and those pusillanimous Danes) with a combined Fools Revel and Commander Tourney. The theme will remain Viking Luau.

There will be a grand felt food fight, the felt food will be sewn on site and will be a fun activity for kids of all ages.

Details concerning the Commander Tourney, A & S, and other aspects of the event will follow.

The Fool’s competition will remain foolish behavior and garb, however, the story theme will center around our heroes thwarting the Danish interception attempt.

The Baron’s Whim is for SCA legal throwing weapons for war.

A stew and rolls will be provided for lunch and dinner will be potluck, with roasted boar provided by the Barony. Please bring enough for 6-8 and an ingredient list. Questions should be addressed to Ellisif (907 488 3986).


Event Steward: Hallbiorn Erlændar son (Dan Parrish) — E-mail: — Phone: (907) 488-3986

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Site opens noon and closes at 8 PM
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Donation only

From Fairbanks Airport, head south on Airport Way. Turn left on University Ave. Turn right on the Johansson Expressway. Turn left on Danby Rd. Turn right on Bainbridge Blvd. Arrive at the Walden Estates Community. The Community Center is at the intersection of Bainbridge and Hampstead Center.