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Road to Rene (Spring Equestrian) (Event Cancelled)

Thursday April 9th, 2020 to Sunday April 12th, 2020
Red Bluff, California

As of March 16, 2020, all events scheduled in the Northern California and Northern Nevada regions of the West Kingdom are cancelled, per the Crown of the West. This is in compliance with current Federal restrictions applying to the lower-48 states against gatherings of 50 people or more, in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The Principality of Oertha (Alaska) and the Barony of the Far West (Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Guam) should follow their local, state, and federal guidelines during this period and act within those rules.

There is no definitive timeline for resuming central Kingdom events yet, but anticipate the ban to last at least through mid-May 2020. More information will be forthcoming about how this will affect Western Crown Tourney and Mists Coronet Tourney in the immediate future, as well as other events in the coming months.

This is a rapidly evolving situation and the Western Crown and Kingdom Seneschal are working closely together and monitoring information released from State and Federal officials. They are acting in the best interests of the West Kingdom, and the health, safety, and well-being of the Populace is foremost in their minds. Please continue to support them as they face these difficult decisions going forward.

For current information about the U.S. Federal guidelines in effect, please visit:…/…

For current information from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services:…/Hu…/COVID-19_Whatthepubliccando.pdf


Every weekend we drive up in our trucks, unload our stuff and recreate the medieval tournament. Did you ever wonder what travel took for them?

Event Steward: Mistress Else Hunrvogt — E-mail: — Phone: 209.620.3828
Co-Steward: Master Charles de Burgundy (AnTir)

Every weekend we drive up in our trucks, unload our stuff and recreate the medieval tournament. Did you ever wonder what travel took for them?

Come join us for a 1360-1460 focused period play space with Horses!  As with all our Horsie Period Play Spaces time appropriate attire admired but not required!

We will gather at a Crossroads village in continental Europe to explore medieval travel and travel time activities.   Thursday will be geared at set-up and exploring the site.  Friday and Saturday we immerse ourselves in our period play-space.  Sunday will be final clean up and heading home.

Riders, Walkers and Cooks!

(Friday and Saturday All Day) Lady Heather is designing shrines for your pilgrim-aging pleasure.  Consult the maps in town before venturing out.  Don't forget to collect your pilgrims badges.  Beware of brigands looking to steal your rings along the road.    ***Dear potential larcenous souls, we are looking for some brigands to rob our Pilgrims on Friday and Saturday on an unpredictable schedule.  Apply with Lady Heather if you are interested.

(All Weekend) There will be a Cook's play day throughout the event.
Come work on your recipes over open flames.  Lady Tellina (Tiffany Ballard) will be coordinating the cooks play date.  (Food is NOT PROVIDED at this event.  All participants are expected to provided their own food.)

(Friday and Saturday Nights) The crossroads village will have a  tavern headed up Master Paul fitz Denis of Caid.  Join us Friday and Saturday nights for libations, socializing and gaming.   Bring your own drinks and games or enjoy some of ours. 

(Friday Early Evening) The village is over run with rabbits.  We need to clear them out with sticks and nets.  We will have jobs for both riders and walkers.

(Saturday All Day) The local estate owner has given us permission to hunt his grounds.  The huntsman recommends bringing swords, spears, javelins and bows.  More details on the estate boundaries available in the village.  Complete at your own pace.

(Saturday AM) Someone left behind a fresh combat manuscript by the German Hans Talhoffer in the tavern a few weeks back.  Work on the ground or mount up Saturday morning while we explore it's teachings (Rossfecten practice).

(Saturday PM)  Bring some food for yourself and some food to share.  Let's load up the pack equids and head out for a picnic.  Meet in the village to give your food to the riders to have it transported via horse back (NO HOT CONTAINERS).  Proceed to the picnic area mounted or on foot via one of several routes. 

Site is Camp Discovery at Red Bluff SRA and Cabins are included in the Camping Site fee.  *Self-contained* horse camping is available on-site or you may contact the nearby Tehama County Fairgrounds to arrange for over night stalls.  Site has running water, stone privies, and showers.

On-line Pre-registration available March 4-25.    Credit Card use permitted for onsite registration (pending equipment and worker availability.

Site opens a 2 pm on 4/9 and closes at 10 am on 4/12

Limited rental horses are available via the wrangler for $180 for 24 hours.  Viscountess Thyri Avaldsdottir will be our rental horse point of contact,  Please coordinate with her if you would like to rent a horse. 

Stalls at the Fairgrounds (contact them directly to arrange stalls):
Stall Cleaning Fee - one time charge  $5.00/stall
Horse Stalls - Overnight - bedded with 1 bag of shavings $25.00/stall/night
Horse Stalls - Overnight - unbedded $15.00/night/head
Additional bags of shavings$8/bag


Site Information: 
Start Time: 
April 9 at 2 PM to April 12 at Noon
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration, Camping: $45; Adult Event Registration, Day Trip: $25; Adult Member Discounted Registration, Camping: $40; Adult Member Discounted Registration, Day Trip: $20; Youth (17 and under) Registration: Free.

Arriving from the North on I-5
Take the CA-36/Antelope Blvd exit toward Central Red Bluff/CA-99. Turn left onto CA-36/Antelope Blvd. Turn right at McDonald's onto Sale Lane. The entrance gate is approximately 2 miles down Sale Lane. Follow around RV park to the boat ramp .

Arriving from the South on I-5
Take the exit for Central Red Bluff/Antelope Blvd/Hwy 36. Turn Right onto Antelope Blvd. Turn right at McDonald's on Sale Lane. The entrance gate is approximately 2 miles down Sale Lane. Follow around the RV park to the boat ramp

Arriving from Chico on CA-99
Continue onto State Hwy 36W/Antelope Blvd. Turn Left at McDonald's on Sale Lane. The entrance gate is approximately 2 miles down Sale Lane. Follow around RV park to boat ramp.