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Fools Revel

Saturday April 23rd, 2016 to Sunday April 24th, 2016
Fairbanks, Alaska

The ice has melted and the fools have gotten loose.

The time has come to battle to become the Fool of Winter's Gate. There will be a competition of wits with the winner judged by the Baron, Baroness, and current Fools. The victor will claim the mantle of Fool, and a Murder/Mystery may be afoot! During a recent War of Insurrection our beloved Baron defeated rebellious nobles and reshaped the great land of Winter’s Gate. Titles and vast tracts of land were granted to those non-nobles who supported him at the expense of those lords who had risen against him. Stripped of their estates and titles their wounded pride now burns fiercely as they vengefully plot in secret. At the Fool’s Revel all the lords and ladies of the land will be gathered in one location. With so much power confined in one place a simple hand could strike back at former enemies… or even work to expand the influence of ambitious lords and ladies.
Feast will be a potluck. People are encouraged to bring their own rations and food tasters to make it through the entire event as needed.
More detailed event information will be posted to Winter's Gate Facebook page, the Principality of Oertha and Winter's Gate Yahoo! lists, and forwarded through phone or email upon request.
Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens 12 noon and closes at 8 pm
Site Fee: 
$8 Adults. Non Member Surcharge is $5. Children 6-17 are $5.

From Fairbanks Airport, head south on Airport Way. Turn left on University Ave. Turn right on the Johansson Expressway. Turn left on Danby Rd. Turn right on Bainbridge Blvd. Arrive at the Walden Estates Community. The Community Center is at the intersection of Bainbridge and Hampstead Center.