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Fools Revel

Saturday April 20th, 2013 to Sunday April 21st, 2013
Fairbanks, Alaska

Come one and all – the fools have broken loose and they’re at it again.  How dire is the situation?  Foolishness has infiltrated all facets of life in the Barony.  The fools have foolishly taken over a nearby community center (that poor community) and the foolishness will peak on April 20.  There will be foolish games, foolish food and foolish folks wearing foolish clothes. 

Event will be catered by a local Mexican restaurant... Ha ha – can’t believe you fell for that one!  No, really we will have a traditional Winter’s Gate potluck (No fooling though, bring enough for 4-6 and bring an ingredient list).  Don’t forget to wear your finest foolish garb and bring your sense of humor!

Autocrat: Sapphira the Navigator   

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site open: 7:00 a.m... Ha ha – fooled you! Site open: 12:00 Noon to 10:00 p.m.
Site Fee: 
$5 for adults (+ $5 for adult non-members), $4 between ages of 17 and 12, $3 from 11 to 6 and below 5 is free; $17 family cap. Please make checks out to “SCA, Inc -Barony of Winters Gate.”

From Fairbanks Airport, head south on Airport Way. Turn left on University Ave. Turn right on the Johansson Expressway. Turn left on Danby Rd. Turn right on Bainbridge Blvd. Arrive at the Walden Estates Community. The Community Center is at the intersection of Bainbridge and Hampstead Center.