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The Annual Arts & Sciences Championship, "The Order of the Golden Poppy"

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In addition to entering individual competitions, you are also encouraged to strive for the Annual Arts and Sciences Championship. The championship is a yearlong competition which offers challenges to be both well-rounded and enthusiastic!! The Championship begins each year at March Crown and finishes at the following Twelfth Night. Participation in the Championship is simple, because it's automatic - every time you enter an individual competition. These entries are also counted towards a final score in the Annual A & S Championship. The winner of the Championship at the end of the year is the person who meets the following qualifications:

Over the course of a year, each challenger for the Championship is required to enter one piece in each of the four competition categories: fine arts, performing arts, technical sciences, and practical sciences. PLUS four additional pieces in the categories of their choice for a grand total of eight competitions. To win the Championship, it is NOT necessary to win each individual competition entered, rather you need to earn at least half of the available points in a competition in order for it to count towards a final total score in the Championship. In each individual competition, each judge can award up to 35 points, and there are three judges, so there are 105 total points available; each entry must earn at least 53 points to qualify for the Annual Championship.

Note: You are NOT limited to entering only eight competitions during the year. Anyone can enter as many competitions as they like to improve their chances, however, only the top eight scores (including the four from the required categories) will be counted towards a final score for the Championship.

After the final competition at Twelfth Night, the scores are tallied and the winner is announced in Court where they are named "Royal Artisan" and inducted into the Order of the Golden Poppy. They will be garbed with the cloak and medallion of the Order, which are theirs to wear until the following Twelfth Night. During the following year, it is the Royal Artisan's duty to help promote Arts and Sciences within the Kingdom by teaching classes and encouraging others to enter the A&S competitions.