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Arts & Sciences Championship

Arts & Sciences Championship

West Kingdom Arts West Kingdom SciencesWest Kingdom Arts & Sciences

October Crown 2008 saw the first Royal Arts & Sciences Championship. There were a grand total of 68 entries. Our warm congratulations to Vittoria, whom became the very first Royal A&ampS Champion. The next Royal A&S Championship will be held: October Crown of 2009.

The five categories for the competition include: a research paper, one performing arts entry, a fine arts entry, a technical sciences entry and a practical sciences entry. The specifics of the entries are listed below in each category.

I. Research Paper: Any Topic The research paper can cover any subject or topic you are interested in.
Note: The Research Paper is due at Purgatorio in order to allow for adequate review time by those whom are asked to judge.

II. Performing ArtsAll's Fair in Love and War, any performing art: song, dance, poetry, etc.

III. Fine ArtsObject, Artist's Palette the use of color, any media

IV. Technical ScienceObject, Tools

V. Practical ScienceObject, Leatherwork