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West Kingdom Royalty

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Alfarr Utherson and Eilis O'Boirne King and Queen of the West
Alfarr Utherson and Eilis O'Boirne King and Queen of the West


Likes & Dislikes for the King and Queen of the West

Alfar: All alliums:  Onion garlic, etc… (not deadly, just strong irritation)
 Eilis: Fish/shell fish; small amounts of fish sauce in a dish are ok…  
Alfar: most vegetables, no pickles!
 Eilis: No okra, eggplant, Dark meat of fowl, no organ meats, no beer.
 Food preferences:
Alfar: Green beans, Grilled squash, melons except watermelons, apples, and meat
Eilis: white meat birds, lots of fruits & veggies; really good bread, meat, sweet tooth
 Alfar: Sailor Jerry; Bitch pop, water, sweet tea, Coffee, Coke-Cola
 Eilis: Good Bourbon, Sweet wines (Not red), bitch pop, water, and lemonade…
 Alfar prefers bright colors; Red black and Gold
 Eilis: Green and Gold, Blue and Purple…  Darker jewel tones over brights
Preferred periods/eras
 Alfar: Roman and Norse
 Eilis: Simple tunics, Middle eastern, Roman & Norse
Alfar: Chunky Amber, rings and bracelets; interesting knights chains….
 Eilis: Earings in sets of 3's, 3 holes in the ears… Favorite stones: rock Crystal, pearls, Carnelian, and lampwork beads
 Disney Villains:
 Alfar: Scar and Ursula
 Eilis: Churnabog, The Evil Queen and Malificent
 Lady and the Tramp:
 Eilis: lavendar, lilac and rose…