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Roger Stockton and Zanobia Fiorentini King and Queen of the West
Roger Stockton and Zanobia Fiorentini King and Queen of the West

His Majesty Roger and Her Majesty Zanobia are deviating from tradition and holding an open court. It is their wish that members of the populous gain the experience and joy of being part of a retinue. They do not require each member perform this service at every event. If you are interested in being a part of the behind-the-scenes team at an event, below is the Royal Progress. Below that is a link by which you can sign up to attend at an event. They extend their most genuine wish that anyone - no matter rank, title, or experience level - that is interested; become a part of the magic. If you wish to contact someone prior to filling out a spot on the event spreadsheet, you may contact me - Karius Hutzelmann via Email . I will be happy to serve as a liason and answer questions you may have about serving in this capacity. If you wish to contact them directly, please email their Majesties using this address: west-regent@westkingdom.orgIn Service to Crown and Populous, Karius Hutzelmann.


Royal Progress:

Dates Event Region
10/22/2016 BOD Meeting Mists
10/23/2016 Meet-n-Beat Mists
10/28-30/2016 Cynagua Coronet Cynagua
11/5/2016 Mists Investiture Mists
11/6/2016 Kingdom Officers Mtg Mists
11/19/2016 Collegium Occendentalis Mists
11/26/2016 Golden Rivers Anniversary Banquet Cynagua
12/3/2016 Boar Hunt Mists
12/10/2016 Bhakail Yule EAST
1/6-8/2017 Twelfth Night Cynagua
1/13-15/2017 AnTir Twelfth Night AN TIR
1/20-22/2017 Oertha Coronet/Investiture Oertha
1/28/2017 Cynagua Investiture Cynagua
2/3-5/2017 War College/Wargy Cynagua
2/11/2017 Hawks Haven Archery Mists
2/18/2017 MDR Prize Mists
2/20-26/2017 Estrella ATENVELDT
3/4/2017 White Shield Mists
3/11-19/2017 Gulf Wars GLEANN AHBANN
3/24-26/2017 March Crown Mists
3/31-4/2/2017 Mists Coronet Mists
4/22/2017 Fettburg Championship Cynagua
4/29/2017 Southern Shores Newcomer's Mists
5/5-7/2017 Beltane Cynagua


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