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Kingdom of the West Heavy Marshal

Contact the Marshal

Missile Combat Marshal: Randal of Camusfearna

Rapier Marshal: Brogan Hammer

Siege Engine Deputy: Vacant; see Earl Marshal

Youth Combat Deputy: Viscount Sir Sigifrith Hauknefr

Marshal of the Marches: Viscount Chandra Panthi


About the Marshall

The Earl Marshal is responsible for martial activities in the Kingdom, including armored combat in tournaments and wars, rapier combat, siege weapons, combat archery, target archery, and equestrian activities. The Earl Marshal is responsible for overseeing the conduct of all martial arts activities in the Kingdom, and other related activities such as target archery; encouraging the development of safety, chivalry and authenticity upon the field; maintaining a database of authorized fighters; and the maintenance, publication and enforcement of standards for construction and use of all weapons and armor. All rules for combat in the West are based on the SCA standard rules, which can be found on the Society Marshal's page. If you have any questions about combat in the West Kingdom, please contact the Kingdom Earl Marshal.

War Terrain!

The Kingdom owns a set of wall, bridge pieces, and other terrain items suitable for use at war events and war practices. Most importantly, this equipment has a trailer too, so, if you can tow it, you can borrow it!! Please email the Royal Teamster and the Earl Marshal to request the use of this great resource!!

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