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Electronic Payments

The West Kingdom currently uses PayPal to process our electronic payments.  At this time, PayPal is fully available for Pre-registration, and available in beta for at-the-gate sales.  If you have questions about the process that are not answered by this website, please email the PayPal Deputy Exchequers.  If you are new to PayPal as a business, please check out their website for more information on how they work.   

The PayPal program is now open to all branches in good standing.  Events MUST be submitted 90 days in advance (or sooner!) for pre-registration and 60 days in adavnce (or sooner) for at-the-gate sales.  The deputies will entertain late submissions on a case by case basis.  Go to the SELLING! header farther down this page for sign-up details.

IN KINGDOM EVENTS! - click on the event names with live links (green) to submit your google form.  Your invoice will be emailed to you.  Detailed instructions are available under the BUYING heading farther down this page.

West Kingdom, June Crown (6/21/2019)

  • Pre-registration CLOSED
  • There are unlimited registrations available - Adult Event Registration: $25, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $20, Children/minors under 17: free, no Family Cap
  • Barracks reservations are available for $100. This price includes space in a shared pavilion, a pillow, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cot, and a towel. There are 27 spaces available.
  • Gear only reservations are also available for $55.  This price includes a pillow, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cot, and a towel.  There are 34 spaces available.

ANTIR-WEST War - Using AnTir's system in 2019 (7/3/2019)

  • Pre-registration open (until June 1)
  • There are unlimited registrations available - Adult Event Registration: $50, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $45; Children/minors under 17: free, no Family Cap
  • Cancellations/Refunds: Email the Pre-Reg Officer to request a cancellation and refund by June 15th. Refunds will be issued by check following the event.

OUT OF KINGDOM EVENTS - follow the links to the event's registration system.

Pennsic War (7/26-8/11/2019)

Knowe World Agricultural and Forestry Symposium (5/14 - ?)

  • Atlantian System - WK Epay Policies may not apply
  • Adult, Member: $22.00 & $8.00 Feast
  • Adult, Non-Member: $27.00 & $8.00 Feast
  • Youth (12-17): $6.00 & $8.00 Feast
  • Child (0-11): $0.00 & $8.00 Feast

Great Western War (10/8-14/2019)

  • Caidan System - WK Epay Policies may not apply
  • Online/Mail-in Registration - prices variable.  8/31 last day to pay.  Early Bird (extra land) open until 6/30.

BUYING! - Steps for event participants wanting to pre-register and pay with Electronic Payment before an event

  1. Find your event in the list above.
  2. Fill out the Google form for the event (no google account needed)
  3. Wait to recieve your invoice from PayPal.  Look for the email address 
  4. Pay your paypal invoice.  Invoice left unpaid for 7 days during pre-registration or three days after pre-registration closes are subject to cancellation.
  5. Retain a copy of your proof of payment.  Events are furnished with a courtesy copy of our records, but in the event of a discrepancy, you are responsible for proving you paid. 
  6. Sign in at Gate at your event and Enjoy!
  7. If for some reason you can not attend, please address refunds and transfers (if allowed) with the sponsoring branch.  The Refund policy will be on each invoice you recieve from us.  Refunds, when permitted, must be requested of the sponsoring branch, no later than 5 pm the day before the event starts.  Refunds will be processed after the event and will be minus any electronic fees. 

    Note: If your invoice does not display properly in the email we send you, simply log in to your PayPal account at the PayPal Website.  The invoice will be waiting there for you to pay.  (Problem noted with Earthlink.)

SELLING! - Steps for event stewards and officers wanting to use Electronic Payment at their events

  1. Review the current West Kingdom PayPal Policies available here
  2. Check with your exchequer to make sure your branch is in good financial standing with Kingdom.
  3. No less than 90 days (Pre-reg) OR no less than 60 days (pay-at-the-gate) before your event starts, fill-in the Event PayPal Authorization Request Form.  The PayPal Deputies will build your event from this information.
  4. Review the event specific pre-registration form sent to you and the other officers by the PayPal Deputies.  Remember to include your constable in charges information if you are asking for Paypal at the gate.
  5. Ask for changes or indicate approval.  
  6. Once approved, the PayPal Deputies will place a link to your form on this website.  You are welcome to link to your form or this webpage in any of your event promotion.
  7. Through out the time preregistration is open, the deputies will create invoices, track payment, and cancel invoices as applicable.  If you have a WK GSuite account, you may have viewing access to the form responses so that you can track the progress of your event.  You may not have access to the West Kingdom PayPal Account..  
  8. After your event pre-registration closes and PayPal finalizes all your invoices (takes 7-10 days), you will be sent a list of registered names and a list of cancelled invoices (if any).  The PayPal Deputies will release your funds minus any fees.  The Kingdom Exchequer will make out a check to the branch and mail it the exchequer at the address on file.
  9. After your event closes for at-the-gate registration, the PayPal deputy will process your paper work, and release your funds minus any fees.  You will receive your funds from Kingdom via check.  This process may take a couple of weeks.