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Oerthan Winter Coronet & Investiture

Friday January 20th, 2017 to Sunday January 22nd, 2017
Wasiila, Alaska
"O Januarie, what myghte thee devinaille
To them who to Oertha on shippes saille? 
What delices and mirth dust you see 
At Oerthes corounet feste and reveli?"
It gives me great pleasure to announce Winter Coronet 2017! We have a lot of things in the works, and we as in the Event crew have set our bar very high. In keeping with Their Highnesses' Theme, "A Known World Pilgrimage", we, the Event Staff, wish to embrace and let you all embark on that adventure to discover the next Heirs of Oertha!
This weekend's Coronet has the theme of late 14th Century Middle England. Start your calendar and plan your pilgrimage to Winter Coronet, please visit to reserve cabins and feast tickets.
We have taken great time and commitment in presenting theme decorated Halls, Cabins, and Tourney Grounds to reflect in an Anachronistic interpretation of what a pilgrimage of people from vast lands and cultures of the Known World and who would come and seek the heirs of these great lands.
Inspiration comes from the Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer. What Chaucer was great at was relaying what life was like for the "common man". This does not mean that we do not get to don the bling, coronets, medallions, or fancy dress. However, we are making an attempt to bring people from all societal walks of the known world (modern as well as period) into one unified voice and goal: to celebrate together this dream that we live within the Society for Creative Anachronism.
To further this dream, we ask that all those who participate in the feasts and revels for this weekend to make an attempt to cover the 14th century throughout the SCA time frame of the Known World. This means you can dress from English, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, etc. etc. However, if one is unable to, due to whatever circumstances, please just come as you are, as all are welcome to the Great Pilgrimage of the Oerthan Winter Coronet.
3PM - Site Opens for Event Staff
3PM - Site Opens/Move In
7PM - Principality of Oertha Arts and Sciences Competition 
8PM - Oertha Memorial Fireside Service (Registration, at gate)
0830 - Site Opens to Merchants
0900 - Site Opens
1030 - Opening Court
1130 -  Armor Inspections
1200 - Coronet Tournament Starts
1400 - Close of Tournament
1415 - Chivalry Council 
1430 - Rose Tournament
1530 - Rapier Community Showcase - Her Majesty of West Request
1700 - Evening Court
1900 - Tattered Tabard Tavern Opens
2000 - Principality of Oertha Arts & Sciences Competition performed during feast.
2100 - Tavern Closes
2130 - Site Closes
0900 - Unbealted Meeting
0900 - Laurels Council
1000 - Pelicans Council
1100 - Oertha Business Meeting
1200 - Investiture Court
1700 - Site Closes
1930 - Everyone Out
Please stay tuned to the event website for further schedule and events.
For Friday arrivals: Friday Night about 9pm will be a Traditional and Period memorial service to honor those that have passed away. If you are available, please come prepared to share a memory or a name of a passed loved one.
Event Steward: Faunus de Arden
Site Information: 
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $25, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $20, Children (6-16): $8
Feast Fee: 
$15 Adults, $10 Children