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Kingdom of the West Chronicler

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How to Submit Event Copy
Send UNFORMATTED (no bolding, no tabs, no fancy fonts) event copy to as the text of an email. Event copy will be published for the month of the event and the month prior. Event Copy cannot exceed 350 words. Request event dates with the Kingdom Calendar Deputy before submitting copy. If your event is not approved to be on the Kingdom calendar your event copy will not be published, and the event will not be an official event. Deadline is 5 PM the FIRST DAY of the month BEFORE the cover date (i.e. February 1 for the March issue) Due to production requirements, exceptions cannot be made.

Autocrats/Seneschals: What to include in your Event Copy
Corporate and Kingdom policies require event copy to include the following information:

  • Date (day, month, year)
  • Time the event opens and closes
  • Registration (PLEASE NOTE, THE NOMENCLATURE FOR THIS HAS CHANGED TO: Adult Event Registration: $(price of adult with no membership), Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $(price of adult with membership), Children (specify ages): $, Family Cap: $
  • Name of the sponsoring branch
  • Location (i.e. name, address, town) of site
  • Autocrat (only one) LEGAL and SCA names
  • Email AND Phone of Autocrat
  • Directions to the site
  • Approval by Seneschal (copy will only be accepted from the Seneschal).

Event copy that does not contain all of the above WILL NOT be published in The Page. Additionally, a large dragon may or may not be sent to your home to retrieve the missing information and/or destroy your livestock.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your event date MUST be approved by the Kingdom Calendar Deputy BEFORE you submit event copy! ( Coronets, Investitures, Events where Crowns, Coronet or Landed Barons/Baronesses give awards or transact other business of lasting effect to the SCA must also appear. Any event sponsored by an official SCA branch and advertised to the members of that branch, in The Page or branch newsletter, is covered by SCA insurance.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: If your event date is not on the Kingdom Calendar, your event cannot be published in The Page! Calendar deadline is the 15th of the month TWO months prior to your event. Date requests are to be made via email to The calendar policy can be seen at:

Please Note: If you would like your event copy to be put on the Kingdom Website, you must notify the Kingdom Webminister at You can either copy the Webminister on what you send to the Chronicler with additional permission for putting it up on the site, or if you have a webpage up for it already, you can send the Webminister a link to it. A plus to publishing on the website in addition to your event copy, is that there is NO size limit to web-copy! Make it as long as you like. Post your entire feast menu or schedule of events!