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HMFWS Fighter practice hosted by the Barony of the Westermark

Every Tuesday at 7:00pm

Come join the Barony of the Westermark, and anyone in the general area for a Tuesday night fighter practice, or as we like to call it "HMFWS", which stands for: Hitting my friends with sticks.

As an added bonus and training aid, this practice is live webcast via YouTube, so you can tune in remotely, or our fighters can view it afterwards to see how they did...

The practice is hosted in the back yard of Joel the Brewer's home in Fremont,CA.  The Address is 39247 Sundale Dr, Fremont, CA 94538.  
Please enter the training field by the large rear gate behind the house, which is most easily accessed via the field by the large parking lot of the adjacent elementary school, next to the house.