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Perfectly Period Feast - Burgundy Guild

The Perfectly Period Feast Movement has been described as "collaborative research project culminating in an immersive experience".

The West Kingdom Perfect Period Feast – Burgundy Guild (PPF-Burgundy Guild) is dedicated to exploring the time and culture of Burgundy in the fifteenth century with a goal of producing a Perfectly Period Feast on the theme in Fall of 2017.  All interested parties shall be guild members.  The guild members will spend the intervening years researching the time period, producing suitable items, conducting classes and workshops, and fundraising for the event.  

Specifically we will be throwing a feast day centered in 1450 to 1477 in a pretentious, wealthy merchant household.   The goal is to continue the high quality in food, table service and material goods that have come to characterize PPF's while expanding the spectacle presentations (entremets), period games/entertainments, and music/dance.  In addition we will be adding a pas d'armes.   We encourage an interactive experience for servers and guests and we seek to engage those new to PPFs as well as our core of experienced participants. All interested parties shall be guildmembers.  

If there is anything we can do to aid you in "Doing Art" for this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Mistress Flidais Ni Eitigen  - Guildmistress
 Mistress Else Hunrvogt - Autocrat and Webminister of this page   
 Sir Heinrich von Melk.- Exchequer  

Getting Started as an Guild Member:

1) Decide you are Interested.

2) Decide how you would like to interact.  Potential Options: Join the PPF-Burgundy Facebook Group.  Join the Perfectly Period Feast Yahoo Group.  Take a class or workshop - list of upcoming classes here. Teach a class or workshop.  We have a wish list  of topics already developed.  Whether you teach one of those or something else that captures your interest, you can add any PPF-Burgundy related class or workshop taught at any venue to the calendar by filling out the simple form here.  Start some research - contact the Guildmistress if you would like some suggestions. Participate in fundraisers - let the autocrat know if you have ideas.  

Inventory Phase:

We are trying to compile a list of PPF related, potentially loanable items for the big day and for anyone looking to through a test feast in preparation.  If you have items to loan, you can add them to the database by filling out form here.  If you are looking for items to borrow, that information is housed here.

Educational Materials

From Arts and Sciences Tournament - June 2014

Administrative Materials