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How the Poppy Run Works currently in the Kingdom of the West:

There are 20 competitions each year - from March Crown through 12th Night.
The competitions are scheduled as follows:
  • March Crown - 1 Arts and 1 Sciences competition
  • Beltane - 1 Arts and 1 Sciences competition
  • June Crown - 1 Arts and 1 Sciences competition
  • Arts and Sciences Tournament - 4 Arts and 4 Sciences competitions
  • Purgatorio - 1 Arts and 1 Sciences competition
  • October Crown - 1 Arts and 1 Sciences competition
  • 12th Night - 1 Arts and 1 Sciences competition
The competitions are further broken down into five Fine Arts, five Performing Arts, five Technical Sciences and five Practical Sciences competitions. These are then scheduled through out the year as above, with two (2) of each type making up the eight total A & S Tournament competitions. You must enter a minimum of 8 competitions including one in each of the four categories. The person with the most number of points from the eight competitions "wins" entry into the Order. If you have multiple entries in a category, the top one is used. Once you have qualified in each category, then the next four top scores from your competitions are used to determine your total. The scores, must also be qualifying scores which means that they are 51% or greater than the available number of points for that competition. Currently each judge may award a total of 35 points x 3 judges = 105 possible points; making a qualifying score of 54 points or higher.

Thus, the Poppy Run is about breadth, depth, and stamina. There is also the "8-Legged Race" where in you enter ALL eight competitions at A & S. You can qualify for the poppy run if all your entries have qualifying scores.