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Arts & Sciences Handbook

Arts & Sciences Handbook

West Kingdom Arts West Kingdom SciencesWest Kingdom Arts & Sciences

The West Kingdom hosts a wide range of Arts & Sciences (A & S) activities every year, and there are a variety of exciting ways for you to participate. If you're new to the SCA, or just new to these activities, getting started can be a little confusing. This handbook is designed to answer your questions and set you on your path to creativity. These activities are open to everybody, and we encourage you to participate!

Actual Arts & Sciences Handbook Parts:

The West Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competitions
The Annual Arts & Sciences Championship "The Golden Poppy"
The Annual Team Arts & Sciences Championship
Classes and Activities at the Arts & Sciences Tournament
The Eight-Round "Hercules" Competition
The Royal Arts & Sciences Championship
The Arts & Sciences Displays
Classes & Activities at Collegium Occidentalis
Kingdom Group and Guild Activities



Kingdom Information