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Arts & Sciences Competition Tournament

Arts & Sciences Competition Tournament
West Kingdom Arts & Sciences
Arts & Sciences competitions are held at all Crown Tournament and Coronation events, and also at the annual Arts & Sciences Tournament. The competitions are drawn from four general categories:

   * Performing Arts, such as singing, drama, and dancing
   * Fine Arts, such as painting, calligraphy, and illumination
   * Technical Sciences, such as metal, wood, and leather working
   * Practical Sciences, such as cooking, soap making, and candle making

Each year, four or more competitions are held in each of these categories. This year two competitions (one Art and one Science) are being held at each Crown & Coronation event, and an additional eight competitions during the Arts & Sciences Tournament weekend. This provides a total of 20 opportunities for everyone to compete. For a complete list of the competitions, see the PDF attachment, below.

Participation requirements are very flexible: you can enter any competition you choose, you can enter as many competitions as you like, and you can enter as many works in each competition as you wish. Here are the competition guidelines. Participating in a competition is a fairly simple process. First, check the Competition Calendar in the Page to get your instructions (time limitations, themes, etc.). Next, do some research on the topic, and outline a few pages of documentation. Complete your project, then write up your documentation. If you have any questions about the competition, feel free to contact either the Kingdom Arts or Sciences Officer (listed in the back of the Page under "Kingdom Officers"). We'll either answer your questions ourselves, or put you in touch with a mentor to help you prepare.

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