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Arts & Sciences Championship

Arts & Sciences Championship
 West Kingdom Arts & Sciences
Duties of the A&S Champion:
  • Swear fealty, receive the protection of the Crown and be available to advise the Crown upon the Crown's request.
  • Engage in any one or number of pursuits to serve the kingdom including but not limited to the following:
    • Organize displays at kingdom events
    • Teach classes
    • Organize guest lectures
    • Demonstrate period A&S techniques
    • Organize A&S activities
    • Judge A&S competitions
    • Assist in Page School activities
    • Create an A&S prize challenge
    • Contribute to the kingdom in consultation with the Crown and the Kingdom Regalia Officer
    • Or engage in any special A&S project in consultation with the Crown to be reasonably completed during that reign.
***You do not become the next A&S Minister and are not responsible for running the next competition set if you win the annual A&S Competition."
Championship Rules:
Pentathlon Competition for West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion
Five Entries

Practical Science: A science that is not necessarily a trade. Includes making textiles, cooking, weaving, brewing.
Technical Science: A science that is a trade or would require learning from a professional. Includes woodwork, metalwork, leatherwork, glasswork
Performing Art: An art you present to an audience. It May be original or period
Fine Art: A visual art used primarily or solely for aesthetic beauty. Includes clothing, calligraphy, oil painting, illumination, needlework.
Research Paper or Masterwork: A substantial piece of academic writing using independent research into a topic with a description of the findings of that research. Or a piece using at least two of the four previous categories.