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Arts & Sciences Championship

Arts & Sciences Championship
 West Kingdom Arts & Sciences
October Crown 2008 saw the first Royal Arts & Sciences Championship. There were a grand total of 68 entries. Our warm congratulations to Vittoria, whom became the very first Royal A&ampS Champion. The next Royal A&S Championship will be held: October Crown of 2009.

The five categories for the competition include: a research paper, one performing arts entry, a fine arts entry, a technical sciences entry and a practical sciences entry. The specifics of the entries are listed below in each category.

I. Research Paper: Any Topic The research paper can cover any subject or topic you are interested in.
Note: The Research Paper is due at Purgatorio in order to allow for adequate review time by those whom are asked to judge.

II. Performing Arts: All's Fair in Love and War, any performing art: song, dance, poetry, etc.

III. Fine Arts: Object, Artist's Palette the use of color, any media

IV. Technical Science: Object, Tools

V. Practical Science: Object, Leatherwork