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Fantastic Fairytale Fête XVII (Event Cancelled)

Saturday April 18th, 2020
Kodiak, Alaska

As of March 16, 2020, all events scheduled in the Northern California and Northern Nevada regions of the West Kingdom are cancelled, per the Crown of the West. This is in compliance with current Federal restrictions applying to the lower-48 states against gatherings of 50 people or more, in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The Principality of Oertha (Alaska) and the Barony of the Far West (Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Guam) should follow their local, state, and federal guidelines during this period and act within those rules.

There is no definitive timeline for resuming central Kingdom events yet, but anticipate the ban to last at least through mid-May 2020. More information will be forthcoming about how this will affect Western Crown Tourney and Mists Coronet Tourney in the immediate future, as well as other events in the coming months.

This is a rapidly evolving situation and the Western Crown and Kingdom Seneschal are working closely together and monitoring information released from State and Federal officials. They are acting in the best interests of the West Kingdom, and the health, safety, and well-being of the Populace is foremost in their minds. Please continue to support them as they face these difficult decisions going forward.

For current information about the U.S. Federal guidelines in effect, please visit:…/…

For current information from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services:…/Hu…/COVID-19_Whatthepubliccando.pdf


The howling winds have calmed and the deep snows covering our lands have started to recede to make way for new life on our wee island. Join us in celebration of Spring and the hope of warmer weather gracing our fair isle. The Shire of Pavlok Gorod cordially invites you to our seventeenth Fantastic Fairytale Fete! This year’s theme this your favorite fairytale. Whether you are enchanted by fantastic dragons or courageous knights, please bring your favorite tale to share.

Rapier: Armor inspection will be at 9AM and fighting will commence at 10 AM.

Please bring your Arts and Sciences project or peruse the A&S chest to find a new project.

Feast: Feast is potluck. Please bring your favorite Medieval/Renaissance food to share, along with the written ingredients. All contributions that are fairytale themed can be added to the Fantastic Fairytale Foods competition.

Bardic will be held after feast.

Arts and Sciences Competitions
Fantastic Fairytale Foods: Serve it forth! Your best interpretation of a fairytale food. Please note whether edible or decorative. Include documentation, if available. If edible, please include ingredients list.
Fairytale: Your favorite fairytale in any mode. Items will be scored on Presentation/Mode, Quality, Creativity, and Documentation.

Lodging for off-island cousins: Limited lodging, local transportation, and hospitality will be joyfully provided to off island guests in the homes of our populace. Please contact the Event Steward as soon as possible with your travel plans.

Event Steward: Mairghread Dubh inghean Alasdair (Sonia Clary) — E-mail: — Phone: 907-654-9647

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 7:00 PM
Site Fee: 
No site fee

Once in Kodiak, head north out of town on Rezanof Drive. Springhill Hall is located on the grounds of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, about 1.25 miles from downtown. Turn left and park in the parking lot. The Hall is the building behind the church.

From Kodiak State Airport: slight turn Right onto Rezanof Dr. W. for 8 miles. Turn left at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Springhill Hall is just to the left of the Church.