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West Kingdom Championships

Sunday October 21st, 2018
Lodi, California

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Let all people of the West Kingdom and of the Knowne World gather to witness a grand series of equestrian, archery, and rapier tournaments! Know that there will be a great festival of arms and very noble tournies, both mounted and on the archery and rapier lyst fields, with challenges to choose the next Champions of the West, to whit:

     • There shall be a Demi-Sun Emprise to select the next West Kingdom Equestrian Champion, with crests, banners, and horses covered with the arms of the noble tourneyers, as is the ancient custom.

     • The might and accuracy of the Kingdom archers will be displayed with a target archery to strike fear into the heart of both hart and heart! The winner shall be named Kingdom Archery Champion.

     • The Kingdom’s next Rapier Champion shall be selected with a tournament in honor of the Queen who shall bestow for prizes moste excellent as She sees fit.

At the lysts conclusion, a combined challenge course with teams of equines, archers and rapier fighters shall together overcome all obstacles to entertain and delight the gallery of spectators.

Schedule for the Day:

8:00-9:00 AM: Site opens, setup lysts in arena

9:00 AM Listen up meeting, Display of Crests or Helmet Covers (Counts towards EQ champ heraldic presentation points). Heads and ring tilt will be available for newer riders to authorize before the parade in a separate arena.

10:00-10:30 Parade and Invocation of all Lysts (EQ, Archery and Rapier)

EQ: Judging of heraldic/ period presentation and panache, introduction, and visual impression during Invocation both count: introduce yourself, your mount, and your inspiration and say why you would like to be West EQ Champ. There will be scores for presenting yourself before the noble gallery/ Royals (foofy language), barding, banner(s), surcoat, crest/ helmet cover, and general impression of how well you would represent the West Kingdom.

Archery & Rapier Invocation

EQ Demi-Sun Emprise will commence immediately after the parade and Invocation. One on one martial or games-type challenges against other riders including side-by-side (speed) ring tilt and side-by-side (speed) quintain. Individual lance handling prowess will be shown with birjas for the enjoyment of the gallery. Those auditing may ride the games after the Emprise, if time allows. Depending on number of entrants this may be double elim or round robin. Judging of participants' martial and riding skills occurs all day in all games. EQ champs are expected to handle weapons at speed, and direct their mounts with grace and poise.

Archery: The Kingdom Archery Champion competition will include a Royal Round and other novelty targets to delight the Queen.

Rapier: There will be a grand rapier tournament for as many as will, to test the mettle of those who would call themselves Rapier Champion of the West. A Cut and thrust tourney will also be fought if sufficient authorized combatants take the field.

12:30-1:30 LUNCH BREAK (Meatball fundraiser lunch, to support flying in Mistress Annisa of An-Tir to share Mistress Bridget's fantastic 'Ride Before a Prince' in an all-day, hands-on workshop next year. *THIS* is what the Royals want to see, and also what gets your horse ready for anything: battle, challenge courses, jumping, you name it!)

1:30-3:30 Three Legged Challenge: The Dangerous Journey
Equestrians, archers and rapier must team up to tackle a challenge course where an evil mage has combine the planes between Princes Bride, Lord of the Rings, and Monty Python! Your team of intrepid adventurers will need the entire party to overcome the evil minions and defeat darkness: teams must work together to make it across the enemy draw bridge, through the deadly forest, survive the highwaymen attacking their coach, fight off ROUSs (and of course Count Rugen), past Smaug, over Moria, after wild boar and killer rabbits, and finally to the wicked mage himself. The judges shall be the gallery, and their criteria: how much FUN  they have watching you fulfill your glorious quest!

4:00 Untack, tally scores, and gather for court

4:30 Court

5:30 Pack down equipment

Camping is permitted Saturday evening October 20th. A group potluck dinner will be held at 6:30 Saturday evening with main course provided.

Pipe pens for horses are available for $20 – first come first served. Contact the event steward to reserve in advance!

Rental horses are available:  $150 each for Saturday evening to Sunday evening. If interested, please PM Rachael Keish on FB or text message 407-592-0233 as soon as possible, but no later than the weekend before the event.

Event Steward: Margerite du Royon (Rachael Keish) — rachaelkeish on Facebook — cell (408) 592-0223

Site Information: 
Site Fee: 
Adult Registration $25; Adult Members: $20; 17 and under Free; no family cap. Pipe pens for horses: $20