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Darkwood Baroness's Masked Ball

Saturday December 15th, 2018

Come one! Come All! Join us on a journey into the magical holiday street faire! This mysterious faire appears out of the mists to test the skills of the Cantons and Colleges within the borders of Darkwood! Join your hosts for a day of competitions, games, extravagant foods and more! Bring your best bakers and best bards together to compete for their favorite Canton! Bring banners and pennants which will be judged by Her Excellency this year. Wear your group's colors! Come together as a group and meet the challenges of the street faire! Points are awarded for each event participated in. There will be prizes!

Festivities include:
-- Heavy: Slug jousting will be fought between heavy fighters playing for any group.  Fighters may join the ranks of any Canton or College to represent them.
-- Rapier: The Holiday Wheel of Doom!
-- Group Games Competition: The more games you participate in the more points your group gets!
-- Hunkerhauser, Jenga, Obstacle Course, Dice, Relay Race, & More to come

-- The 6 Days of Largess: To participate your group will create 6 of one largess item, 5 of a second largess item, 5 of a third largess item, 4 of another largess item, 3 of a more intricate largess item, 2 of a more unique largess item and 1 prize for the games.
-- Best Baker Competition: Your group would put forth a baker's dozen of one holiday treat
-- Best Bard Competition: This is not for a job folks!  Your group will bring their best bard(s) in front of her Excellency.  They will compete in the following categories: * If you wish to compete for Bard of the Oak please let the autocrat know.
-- -- A Tall Tale about your group (Max 5 min)
-- -- A Limerick
-- -- 3 Words from the Hat
-- -- A Holiday Poem
-- Dance Competition: Bring a team of 4 people to dance in the dance competition.  3 Dances will be taught on site.
A&S Competition: A thing given at Yule (documentation required.)

Make Your Holiday Bright (With FOOD!) You will be able to find many interesting street foods available to sate your appetite during the day.

Event Steward: Mercy Grym (Aine Winklebleck) — Email: — Phone: 408-722-5782

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens: 9:00am Closes at 6:00pm
Site Fee: 
Donation only

Take your best route to US-101. Head southeast on US-101 S. Take exit 329 for North Main Street/CA-183/Main St toward Salinas/U.S.101 Business N. Continue onto CA-183 N/N Main St. Turn right onto W Rossi St. Turn left onto N Davis Rd. Turn right onto W Blanco Rd. Use any lane to turn left onto Reservation Rd. Continue on Inter-Garrison Rd to Seaside. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Inter-Garrison Rd. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto 8th Ave. Turn right onto Gigling Rd. Turn left onto General Jim Moore Blvd. Continue on Ardennes Cir. Drive to Tunisia Rd. Turn left onto Ardennes Cir. Turn right onto Metz Rd. Turn left onto Tunisia Rd