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Westermark Madness

Saturday September 16th, 2017
Half Moon Bay, California

Greetings West Kingdom! Come join the Barony of the Westermark at the annual Westermark Madness. This year's merriment includes Heavy and Rapier fighting as well as Archery, and A&S events.

Challenge your friends to become the next Thug or Shepherd, or maybe you want to team up with a comrade in arms and try your hand as a two headed troll. If you prefer a different style of martial combat then come enjoy some of the Rapier scenarios or compete to be the next Sharp of the Westermark. We will also be running a competition to find the Hood of the Westermark as well a few novelty archery shoots!

There will be a potluck style early dinner that will take place after the tournaments conclude. The Barony will provide the main course. If you are able, please bring a side dish or dessert to share.

Event Steward: Casey Brown

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Event opens at 9:00 am, closes at 6:00 pm
Site Fee: 
None, Donations Welcome

Take Rt. 1 towards Half Moon Bay and turn east on to Higgins Canyon Rd. In 3.5 miles there will be signs indicating where to park.