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Beltane Coronation

Friday May 5th, 2017 to Sunday May 7th, 2017
Pacines, California

New site: Bar SZ Ranch in Paicenes CA.

Come one and all to witness the Coronation of the new King and Queen of the West! Many activities are in the works, so please check the website and Facebook event page for details.

Please bring your own water and be prepared for any fire regulations that may be imposed on us by the fire marshal.

The competition to choose the new Bard of the West will be held on Saturday.
From the Bard of the West:

I have an amazing job. It has been an extraordinary privilege to stand before the populous of the West and commemorate moments of our history, sing forth calls to action, seek to inspire you all even as you have inspired me. I feel I've grown a lot in the bardic arts and in my performance confidence in my time as Bard of the West. The time has come to seek a successor.
To that end we shall hold a competition on Saturday of Beltane – as early as possible at His Royal Highness's request and to make it more possible for day trippers to compete in or witness the competition. All the populace is invited to come and bear witness to the competition. An early start time will also make it more possible to segue into an open bardic afterward.

1. A Period Piece OR A Piece in a Period style – please provide brief (<1 page) documentation.
2. A Piece on the topic of “Ideals”
3. Competitor’s Choice: Masterwork or What You Do Best
4. A Piece Written on the Day of the Event: Topic to be Announced in Morning Court

It is useful if you let me know ahead of time you plan to compete. Also feel free to contact me with questions:
- Derelei, Bard of the West

Event Steward: THL Katrina Yarbrough

Facebook page:


Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site opens at 11am Friday, closes 5pm Sunday
Site Fee: 
$25; With member discount, $20; Ages 13-17 are $10; 12 and under are free. Family Cap is $50 (two adults + 1 child)