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West Kingdom 12th Night Coronation

Friday January 5th, 2018 to Sunday January 7th, 2018
San Jose , California

Twelfth Night Coronation! Hotel reservations can be made through the link at:

Group code: SCA

$30 registration fee, per adult.
$25 with member discount
minors 17 years and under are free (no family cap)

Twelfth Night tickets can be purchased (in person!) from Baroness Margaret Graham or Meisterin Elsa van Aurec at the following events:

Oct 28: Turkey Tourney (Margaret)
Nov 4: Mists Investiture (Margaret)
Nov 10-12: PPF: Burgundy (Elsa)
Nov 18: Collegium Occidentalis (Margaret)
Dec 16: Baroness' Masked Ball (Margaret)

or by emailing Elsa with a ticket request (Be prepared: she will respond with a form for you to print and mail back, along with payment!)

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